Lets Go Buffalo

10 Awesome Buffalo Shirts for Sports Fans of All Kinds

September 20, 2022

Bills Mafia

Bills Mafia

Let everyone know you're in the Mafia in a not-so-threatening way. It's not about crime—just smashing tables, circling the wagons, and running the d*mn ball! This tee looks as good as it fits, so you'll want to wear it to each and every tailgate.

We're Talking Proud

We're Talking Proud T-Shirt 

Everyone has reason to be proud of their town, but not like those from Buffalo. There's just something about Nickel City that makes it special. Maybe it's the wings, the people, the sports... Yeah, it's probably the wings. Whatever it is about Buffalo that makes you proud, though, show it off with this short sleeve t-shirt.

Let's Go Buffalo

 Let's Go Buffalo T-Shirt

Get straight to the point with this one. No mincing words, just supporting the team. The great part is you can wear it to a Buffalo football game, a Buffalo hockey game, hell—even a Buffalo underwater basket weaving tournament. Just get out there and show your support.

War Memorial Stadium

War Memorial T-Shirt

Fans of the old football stadium will love this t-shirt. Built in 1937 and gone in 1989, you can still see the original entrance at the new stadium built in its place. That's a little history lesson for you—but if you're a fan of The Rockpile, you probably already knew that. 

New York Helmet Stripes

New York

There's never been a helmet that looked as good as the one with those Buffalo stripes. That's why we took those beautiful helmet colors and stuck them on a shirt (plus a tank top). Now you don't have to wear a helmet around all Sunday to feel like you're dressed for watching football... No need to thank us.

Buffalo Wing

Buffalo Wing T-Shirt

Friends don't let friends eat their wings with ranch. Wear this comfy, vintage-feel shirt, and the next time you're at the bar, place your order by simply pointing at your chest. Ingenious, right? 

Seven One Six

Seven One Six T-Shirt 

Show your pride for Buffalo with this t-shirt, or use it as a way to simply let everyone know the first three digits of your phone number. Around here, we rep the 6. Sorry, Drake—not that 6. The 716.

The Aud

Buffalo The Aud T-Shirt

The Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, otherwise known as the Aud. If you lived in Buffalo during the right time, you probably saw some great moments in hockey or basketball history here. We might be a little bit jealous. 

Buffalo Overprint

 Buffalo Overprint T-Shirt

Simple, stylish, and screams Buffalo—what more could you want from a shirt? This one will never go out of style. Grab this beautifully designed and unique shirt for yourself, or give it to the Buffalo fan in your life. 

Buffalo Retro

Buffalo Retro T-Shirt

Buffalo, with a touch of retro. This shirt evokes a touch of 80s, and a whole lot of style. Our shirts feature high-quality prints and incredibly soft fabric, making them feel like favorites that have been in your wardrobe for decades. 

Hey-Ey-Ey-Ey / Let's Go Buffalo

Hey-ey-ey-ey T-Shirt

We know it’s hard to wear two shirts at once, but these ones go best in a pair—so why not find a partner and rock this iconic chant? 

Circle the Wagons

Circle The Wagons T-Shirt

Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills. Chris Berman was right, trust us—we’ve seen some terrible wagon circling in our day.  

We’re Talking Proud

 We're Talking Proud T-Shirt

If you don’t remember this jingle from the famous Buffalo TV commercial, look it up. And don’t blame us when the tune gets stuck in your head for three days.

There you have it—ten of our best Buffalo shirts for sports fans and fans of the city alike. Which one's your favorite? 

Keep in mind, our tees come in men's and women's sizes. So no matter what shape, size, or style you are, we've got you covered.


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