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Illinois: Where Only Morons Pronounce the "S"

Illinois is one of our favorite states. It doesn't "anois" us at all. Nor does it make us "ill." Get it? Ok, we'll stop. But seriously, Illinois is one of the great sports states of all the sports-loving states this country has to offer. And that's saying a lot. 

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Illinois: The Garden of the West

There's no feeling like standing at the corner of Addison & Clark (slightly horizontally, most likely, due to the wind) as a gust of hot-dog-flavored air blows over you. You look up in the sky, and—is that a fly ball? Suddenly you're back at Comiskey Park, reaching to catch the home run ball launched from Eddie Murray's bat. The crowd goes wild. The Chicago White Sox lose the 1983 ALCS! Suddenly, you're awake.

Now wait a minute—why did I have an out-of-body experience to witness Chicago losing in the playoffs?—you say to yourself. That's just Illinois sports, baby! We struggle, and we persevere. 

It's all about loyalty here. Fans stand by their teams and remember the greats from the past. Even the not-so-greats. Legacy teams like the Chicago Blitz football team, baseball's Chicago Whales, and the Quad City Thunder basketball team—each of them has a place in Illinois sports fans' hearts and memories. 

There have been some incredible moments here, too. Does the number 23 ring a bell? Here's a hint: he's also known as the goat. Every Chicagoan is a little proud of those six rings.

Not to mention the 85 Bears’ defense. Not to brag, but some say that was the greatest defense of all time. Their words—not ours. We stay humble here in Illinois. 

Illinois: America's Gut

Food and drink are a big part of the culture here, too. Take, for instance, the infamous Chicago deep-dish pizza. Some say it looks like a high-speed traffic accident scooped into a pan, but we beg to differ. It's a glorious, indulgent ode to meat, cheese, dough, and sauce. Illinois is putting pizza back on the map.

When you're here, you've got to drink like an Illinoisan. We like to keep it simple, with one word: beer. And after a few drinks, maybe put on the mustache and glasses to dress up like everyone's favorite coach.

Just don't forget your map if you get lost, or partying too hard. Maybe provide some instructions on where to return you if found somewhere other than the 312, too—just in case. 

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