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North Dakota: For When South Dakota is Too Tropical

Ahh, North Dakota. One of the most criminally-overlooked states in the nation. It's a nation so great they even gave us a backup (sorry, South Dakota). Just like a kidney, we could donate one to Canada and still have enough Dakota to function—and we think that's great.

North Dakota is also known as the Sioux State, the Great Central State, and the Peace Garden State. However, locals would probably agree that the “Snowed-In State” or the “Damn, That's a Lot of Mosquitos State” are more fitting names (depending on the time of year).

But don't get us wrong, just because Dakotans can self-deprecate doesn't mean they don't have a ton of pride in where they're from. That bowl of cornflakes you're eating? There's a good chance it doesn't exist without the hard work of North Dakota's vast agriculture industry. Some call it the Breadbasket of America, thanks to its huge contributions to wheat, barley, and corn production that feeds our nation.

North Dakota: Vibrant Culture Despite the Climate

We won't get all high-school history class lectures on you, though. From Fargo to Grand Forks, the state has plenty to get excited about—including America's most slept-on sports culture.

Although it lacks professional teams, don't mistake the "ND" on a North Dakotan sports fan's shirt for Notre Dame. That mistake might get you tossed into a snowbank.

The UND Fighting Hawks and the NDSU Bison have rabid fanbases that will brave the cold to attend the games of their top-notch football and hockey programs. Being that close to Canada must have rubbed off, as demonstrated by the Fighting Hawks' multiple NCAA Division I hockey championships.

Dakotans do summer sports, too. Check out the wild rodeo scene, or shoot 18 holes on one of the state's amazingly scenic golf courses, like Hawktree Golf Club in Bismarck and Links of North Dakota near Williston.

If you're feeling something out of the ordinary, catch a motocross, drag, or dirt track racing event. Those still count as sports, right? North Dakotans have a need for speed that coastal elites could barely dream of...

Work up a Dakota-Sized Appetite

Those unfamiliar with the state might be surprised, but North Dakota has a significant Scandinavian heritage, particularly from Sweden and Norway. You can see that influence in local festivals, cultural events, and especially the food.

If you're visiting, ask to try the Knoephla Soup, the Lefse, or the Fleischkuekle. And no, we didn't just make those words up. Fleischkuekle is a German-Russian deep-fried meat pastry that rivals the best meat pies anywhere.

Some other popular North Dakota dishes are bison (different from buffalo, mind you!), hotdish (a cheesy, meaty casserole), rhubarb pie, and chippers. Some say Dakotans have actually managed to improve on potato chips with chippers, and we agree.

Native American culture runs deep in the state, too. Just look at the wild game, herbs and spices, and herbal teas they consume thanks to the traditions of the Mandan, Arikara, and Sioux peoples—just to name a few.

There's a reason for the saying, "Drink like a North Dakotan," too. Not only do Dakotans know how to put back an ice-cold beer, but they can also brew a good one. Check out some of the state's many great craft breweries, making everything from traditional lagers to funky experimental brews.

North Dakota Clothing for All Occasions

Now that you've got the run-down on North Dakotan culture, it's time to dress like you belong. If it's any time after, say, mid-August, bring your thickest puffer jacket, wool socks, and maybe even a couple of fur hats. Before then, bug spray.

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