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Welcome to our Mississippi t-shirt collection, where we pay homage to the Magnolia State! Here in Mississippi, we've got it all: warm hospitality, finger-licking good food, and an endless supply of sweet tea. So, put on one of our graphic tees, grab some fried okra, and celebrate the best state in the Union!

Mississippi has its style, from the rolling hills of the hill country to the Gulf Coast beaches. And now you can too! Discover our graphic tees made from 100% pure vintage Mississippi mud (just kidding, it's 100% cotton). They're perfect for wearing to a Mississippi State game, a catfish fry, a performance by one of your favorite Mississippi independent artists, or just lounging on the porch with a glass of cold lemonade.

Whether you're from Tupelo, Starkville, or Oxford, Mississippi, our good old-fashioned Southern Mississippi t-shirts will have you feeling the Mississippi pride. We've got long sleeve, short sleeve—even no-sleeve t-shirts. Not to mention the finest crewneck sweatshirts on this side—well, both sides—of the Mississippi River.

Mississippi T-Shirts Hotter Than a Two-Dollar Pistol

Mississippi is known for a few things, but perhaps most of all: it's unique way of speaking. From "Bless your heart" to "Give me some sugar," the Mud-cat State has a language all its own, and we couldn't help but pick up some of their most iconic catchphrases and sayings that you'll hear in Mississippi:

"Bless your heart."

This one is a staple in Mississippi and is often used in contradictory ways. It can be a polite way to offer condolences or express sympathy—but it's also used with sarcasm. So, be careful next time you hear it; they could be secretly calling you a dummy.

"Fixin' to"

This phrase means "about to." So, if someone says they're "fixin' to go to the store," it means they're about to go to the store. Not exactly rocket science!

"Rode hard and put up wet" - This southern turn of the phrase refers to motorcycles or something like that. Hey, we're not linguists or historians here... Basically, it means something hasn't been properly cared for.

"Sure is pretty."

This phrase describes something visually pleasing. It can describe a sunset, a new dress, or even a baby's smile.

These are just a few phrases and sayings you'll hear in Mississippi. So, the next time you're in the Magnolia State, be sure to listen closely and try to pick up a few of these colorful expressions.

And make sure you're rocking a good old retro Mississippi long sleeve t-shirt that shows that matter of factly, pays homage to your home city.

Sweet as Tupelo Honey

Mississippians know how to cook and eat, too. While some say they're the new number-one pizza state, there's more to its culinary history.

Mississippi's cuisine is a delicious and unique blend of southern comfort food, Cajun spices, and Gulf Coast seafood. And, of course, what would a meal in Mississippi be without a cold drink in hand? There's a reason for the phrase "drink like a Mississippian!"

Here are some of the most iconic drinks and dishes to come out of the state:

Catfish - Any reasonable person from Mississippi loves catfish for a good reason. Whether fried, grilled, or blackened, it's a staple of Mississippi cuisine and can be found on nearly every menu in the state.

Biscuits and gravy - Around here, it's not just for breakfast. Biscuits and gravy can be enjoyed anytime, especially after a long day of fishing or hunting.

Fried green tomatoes - Now I know what you're thinking—this one sounds far too healthy. Don't worry; the green tomatoes are breaded and fried until golden brown so as not to miss out on any potentially delicious carbs and fat.

Sweet tea - No meal down south is complete without a glass of sweet tea. This southern classic is made with tea, sugar, and lots of love, and it's the perfect way to wash down a plate of the above dishes.

Moonshine - This homemade liquor is a staple of southern culture and can be found in nearly every corner of the state. Just be sure to drink it responsibly! After a couple of shots, you might lose your bearings, so remember to bring your Mississippi map.

Funny Mississippi T-shirts for All Occasions

So, whether you were born and raised in Mississippi or just love to visit, show your state pride with one of our stylish and high-quality Mississippi t-shirts!

Our shirts use incredibly soft cotton combed and ringspun, with just the right amount of comfort and breathability. Better yet, they're proudly printed to order here in the USA!

You can choose from the varied designs, including v neck or round neck, sort through them by size and so on. Feel free to browse through our product collections and discover how to rep Mississippi. You can be sure you'll find something from your product search or related searches.

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