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Ohio T-Shirts: Hey, At Least We're Not Michigan

Welcome to Ohio, the state famous for so many things, we're not exactly sure where to start. To begin with, it's where everyone in LA and NYC is actually from. It's the state everybody's parents live in who skipped town to pursue acting.

Ohio: with that high a ratio of O's to other letters, you'd think it's in Hawaii. Unfortunately, it very much isn't... But just because Ohioans can take a little good-natured ribbing doesn't mean they aren't fiercely proud of where they come from.

So without further ado, let's give you a little rundown of what makes the state great. Besides being the "Mother of Presidents" due to being the birthplace of seven different US presidents, it's also where modern aviation was invented.

So if you want to call it a flyover state, know that you wouldn't be flying at all without the help of a couple of inventive Ohioans named Orville and Wilbur Wright!

Ohio keeps this nation running, too. Between automotive manufacturing, steel production, and machinery, America depends on industrial hubs like Cleveland, Toledo, and Dayton from being a country that basically gets everything off Alibaba.

We're exaggerating, but you get the point... Ohio is a work-horse of a state. And did we mention the R&D department? Ohio has brains, too, with research and education centers like The Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University, and the University of Cincinnati.

They may not get the shine that Ivy League schools do, but folks in Ohio don't need all that attention—that's just classic Ohio pride.

It's Gameday; give me an OH-IO!

You might think your state can compare to Ohio when it comes to sports culture, but when it comes down to it... it's Ohio by a thousand.

While the Browns might be dragging down the state's winning percentage, there's a reason Ohioans bleed orange and black. The Bengals look ready to win the Lombardi Trophy any season now—it's title time in the Win-Cincinnati, aka the 513.

It's not just about football, though. Ohio goes hard in the paint. Have you ever heard of a couple of guys named Steph Curry and Lebron James? They're not too shabby at basketball, and both are from a tiny place called Akron.

Now what about baseball, you say? Hold on a minute, we're getting there. If you can keep up with the name changes, then don't forget about Cleveland's baseball team, the Guardians (formerly the Indians, and who knows what they'll be called next...). The Cincinnati Reds have got a fanbase as passionate as any, too.

Simply put, life in Ohio is about feeling excited for the start of the season. And with pro teams in almost every sport known to man, you don't have to wait long for that date.

For those threeish weeks in the summer before football season, maybe head down to the water park to kill some time and plan your fantasy draft strategy.

If you're looking to impress some sports-crazy oldheads (like you're sure to meet just about everywhere in Ohio), then why not rep some of the legendary teams of days gone by? Teams like hockey's Cincinnati Stingers and Mohawks, soccer's Columbus Invaders and Cleveland Crunch, and baseball's Cleveland Green Sox are all part of Ohio's deep sports culture.

Ohio T-shirts for any Occasion

Now that we've covered the basics of Ohio's history and culture, it's time to get the right apparel. Apparel that lets people know not only do you know Ohio, but you can also drink like an Ohioan.

After all, the right shirt can be the difference between two strangers passing by and two new friends bonding over a shared love of Cincinnati chili. Shirts can help you stand out or blend in when trying to infiltrate the infamous Browns' Dawg Pound.

Luckily, we've got the right shirt for both occasions—and plenty of other events, too. We design our shirts with the perfect blend of style, humor, and quality—so there's no doubt they'll be a new favorite in your wardrobe.

Whether it's long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless, or crewneck, you're looking for; we've got the shirt for you. Some say it's the most incredible collection of Ohio apparel in existence... their words, not ours.

If you're looking for accessories, we've got those too. Check out our line of flags, stickers, tote bags, and a map to help you find your way on a crazy night out in the 216. If that doesn't work, just let people know where to return you when you get lost.

All our apparel is printed with the highest quality on ultra-soft cotton, so they feel like a well-worn vintage favorite. Even better, they're printed to order right here in the USA. So what are you waiting for? Wear that Ohio State pride on your chest.