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Idaho Shirts: Love Idaho, Home of the Idaho Potato and More

Idaho is known for three major things: delicious potatoes, good trout, and fascinating gems. However, those aren’t the only things that attract tourists near and far. Home to many attractions (like the Idaho Bigfoot!) and awe-striking landscapes, visiting this state is a wonderful experience for those who cherish countryside charm.

With an official nickname like The Gem State, Idaho is home to some of the rarest geological formations in the world. The name of Idaho itself comes from the phrases “gem of the mountains” or “the sun comes from the mountains.” In fact, if you’re willing to take a hike, you can find hidden gems throughout one of the state’s most beloved treasures, Yellowstone National Park.

The state of Idaho is rich in sights to behold, boasting wild scenery and sprawling terrain. If you’re planning to take a trip to some of Idaho’s mountains, lakes, and rivers – or even one of its exciting downtown pubs – anytime soon, don’t forget to pick up an Idaho t-shirt along the way. That way, you can let everyone know that you finally learned to drink like an Idahoan!

Sports Culture in Idaho

The citizens of Idaho Iowa certainly don’t fall short when getting their sports fix. Idaho loves a variety of sports, including golf, skiing, hunting, and fishing. However, football and baseball also hold a place in Idahoans' hearts – especially at Boise State University. Participating in the Western Athletic Conference, Boise State harbors a football team that has frequently been described as a powerhouse by locals and tourists alike.

The Boise State Broncos have an all-time record of 480 wins under their belt. Said by many to be one of the most win-oriented teams in history, this college football team holds a win percentage of around .727, with home games raising that percentage even higher. Lastly, if you ever decide to catch a Broncos game, don’t be surprised when you see a blue football field instead of the traditional green – that’s just their thing!

As for baseball, Idaho state has many minor leagues that make players run wild. Baseball fans have plenty to root for, from the Idaho Falls Chukars to the Boise Hawks in this state gem. Harmon Killebrew is one of the best-known Idahoan athletes and a baseball player. Gaining a spot in the Hall of Fame is a prideful reminder that Idahoans can reach astounding lengths!

Idaho Shirt Company: Get Your Retro Vintage Idaho Shirts Here

As an Idaho native, how often have you said, “I liked Boise before it was cool,” and later boasted, “I’d put that on a t-shirt”? Well, now you can! From accessory bags and American flag Idaho to retro Idaho to Boise apparel to totes and stickers, we have a large assortment of Idaho gifts and Idaho souvenirs designed to bring out the Idahoan in you.

Bust out your Idaho pride for your home state and get your funny Idaho shirts right here. Graphic tee, long sleeve t-shirt, crew neck, and more are available in men’s and women’s sizes. We carry Idaho clothing with all kinds of funny geography and funny sayings and images for Idaho lovers and natives alike!