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Can You Feel the Spirit of St. Louis? 

Nothing beats the 314. Nestled in between the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, St. Louis is known for many things: The arch, its take on ravioli, and, of course, sports. St. Louis is a major sports city with an unflinchingly loyal fanbase. Surprisingly, the city only has two professional sports teams, but two is plenty for the fervor and energy St. Louisans bring to the field.

Sports in St. Louis 

St. Louis is home to the Cardinals, one of the oldest baseball teams in the country. Originally called the Browns, the team started swinging bats in 1881. Two decades later, with a Cubs rivalry already under their belt, the team was renamed the St. Louis Cardinals. The team has one of the best attendance records in the league and has won eleven World Series. This city loves its baseball. Head over to Busch Stadium, and you’ll know what we mean. Cardinal Nation knows how to throw a party.

Few teams could compete with the love the Cardinals inspire, but the St. Louis Blues give it their best shot. The team joined the NHL in 1967, their name inspired by the W. C. Handy song. Recent years have been kind to Blues fans, with the Stanley Cup coming home in 2019. 

Win or lose, the Cardinals and the Blues are always cheered on enthusiastically at the Gateway to the West.

Minor League and Defunct Teams in St. Louis

A whole lot of teams have passed through St. Louis on their way to the history books, either moving to other cities or folding under defunct leagues. 

There was a small blip of NHL hockey in St. Louis when the Ottawa Senators relocated to the city for a season in 1934. Rebranding as the St. Louis Eagles, they only lasted a year.

The Flyers had one of the longest stints in St. Louis, playing hockey in the AHA and then the AHL from 1928 until 1953. They played at the legendary St. Louis Arena, which was demolished.

The Spirits of St. Louis were a pro-basketball team playing in the ABA. The team did not survive the ABA-NBA merger.

Then, of course, there was the St. Louis Terriers, the short-lived Federal League team. The Feds aimed to be a “third major league” but only lasted three seasons.

Remember, teams come and go, but toasted ravioli is forever.