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Everything’s Shiny in the Golden State

From the sublime beauty of Yosemite to the bustling streets of Los Angeles, California is a glittering beauty where you can find almost everything! The diverse people, climates, places, and cultures make it a microcosm of the US — a nation in itself. So many things to see and places to visit. And let’s not forget the rambunctious and highly competitive sports teams. These players really know how to get the crowd growing.

The Contender for Sports Capital of the World

The sheer number of sporting teams and events happening in the state makes it one of the most enviable destinations for sports fans. Hockey teams like the San Francisco Seals and the San Diego Mariners remain influential in their respective cities. Let's not forget NFL in Los Angeles, one of the only markets in the country that is home to multiple NFL teams, the Rams and the Chargers.

A Vibrant Mix of Culture

California’s iconic state flag is an emblem that signifies the long and vibrant history of the state. It has served as a symbol of strength and courage for all the people who’ve successfully achieved the American Dream, regardless of  race, origins, or gender.

In fact, the WeHo PrideParade has become one of the largest Pride events in the nation — a celebration of love and equality in all forms. California also has one of the most vibrant St. Patrick’s Day celebrations outside of Ireland. It gets green all around, whether you’re in San Diego, Sacramento, or Fresno.

Beautiful Places to Be

Visit the beautiful hot springs of Yosemite, the harsh deserts of Joshua Tree National Park, and the majestic trees of Sequoia National Park. The cities are equally as vibrant. Aside from glittering Los Angeles, there’s bustling Oakland, historic San Diego, and San Francisco with all its sights and seafood — the best in the West Coast! So if you’ve been wanting to own a piece of California, check out our catalog of California shirts, stickers, and other items!