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If you're from Kentucky, you're gettin lucky. You already know you've got a good thing going, and your main problem in life is probably just the haters and naysayers who aren't of such blessed provenance. That, and where to find the perfect long sleeve Kentucky t-shirts to show your pride (but more on that later).

The haters say, "Kentucky: the state of five million people and fifteen last names," or "the place that proves you don't need teeth to drink bourbon." I might be missing a few. Oh, yeah... "Kentucky's three main exports: horse races, fried chicken, and despair."

We have no time for close-minded people like that. We know that all great things come from Kentucky. Well, maybe not all things, but most things. Things like Kentucky horse races, fried chicken, and Kentucky bourbon. Did I mention those already? Either way, it bears repeating. 

From Louisville to Lexington, the Bluegrass State is a true gem. You're proud to call the 502 home. So, why not show it off? Let the world know you liked it before it was cool


Let’s just get this out of the way now: we're great at basketball. The Kentucky Wildcats have a winning tradition that's second to none, with 8 NCAA championships under their belt. And let's not forget about their legendary coach, Adolph Rupp, who led the team to four. Not too shabby, if we do say so ourselves.

But basketball isn't the only sport we excel at: the Louisville Cardinals are also a force to be reckoned with. Having won two Orange Bowls and a Sugar Bowl, they've produced NFL greats like Johnny Unitas and Lamar Jackson.

And let's not forget about the Kentucky Derby, one of the most prestigious horse races in the world. Also known as the "most exciting two minutes in sports," it's held annually in Louisville and draws in horse racing enthusiasts worldwide.


In Kentucky, folks go crazy for sports. Not just the Kentucky Wildcats and the Cardinals but some unheralded teams from past and present. Ever heard of the Louisville Panthers or the Lexington Men O War

You have? Ok, you pass the test. Now for round two. Can you name the sport played by the Louisville Riverfrogs and the Louisville Icehawks? Alright, good job. They're all hockey teams. You're a certified Kentucky puck head, and that's a reputation you can wear with pride

If you want to expand your wardrobe from exclusively Kentucky Wildcats gear, we've got some options that still scream vintage Kentucky. That Kentucky Wildcats shirt is great and all, but why not show your love for the Colonels with a great short sleeve t-shirt sometime instead?


Kentucky isn't just fun—it's cultured, too. A real cosmopolitan kind of place. Paris, Warsaw, and Melbourne: you can visit them all in Kentucky. 

No, seriously. We have towns by all three of those names here. So, next time you plan a cross-the-globe trip, why not just stay in Kentucky? Guaranteed, you'll see better basketball. Even if the Kentucky Wildcats don't make it past the second round...

Remember, while you're here, it's important to drink like a Kentuckian. That means if in doubt, pour me another bourbon. And eat like one, too. Not to brag, but we've recently taken over the title of America's number-one pizza state. No big deal. 

If you're going to party hard, though, don't forget to be prepared. Keep a Kentucky map on you at all times, and maybe some instructions for whoever finds you on how they can return you home. Perhaps a nice Kentucky tote bag, too, for good measure.

There we go; you're looking spiffy now. Bet you don't even miss wearing your favorite head-to-toe Kentucky Wildcats outfit now, do you?


Get ready to show your Kentucky pride with our exclusive sports t-shirt collection—featuring awesome designs and high-quality prints. These shirts are perfect for repping your support at the game or showing off your love for the Corn-cracker State. 

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Plus, did we mention we've got other great gear, too? We’ve got all the can coolers, flags, and even stickers for your laptop, fridge, or forehead (depending on your level of Kentucky devotion) you’ll ever need.

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