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It’s called the Natural State for a reason

Arkansas folks, whether you’re a nature fan or a sports person, you know you’ve got entertainment at finger’s reach. Hiking through Hot Springs park to admire the wildlife and stunning landscapes might be your weekend plan of choice, or maybe heading over to Fayetteville to catch a Razorback game? Either way, Arkansas has got a plan for all tastes.

A State That Isn’t For the Faint of Stomach

Not everyone knows this, but if you’re an Arkansan, you’ve got a stomach of steel. They say it comes from all that delicious fried food that no one can resist. Like pickles? Like catfish? Ok, now try ‘em fried. Not into the deep-fried lifestyle? Then you’ve gotta get yourself some Arkansas pizza. Next course: a fat slice of possum pie, of course. Don’t forget, you aren’t a true Arkansan if you aren’t washing down each meal with a drink - or a few.  

Arkansas isn’t just about beautiful natural settings and delicious food, though. Little Rock is home to important moments in our country’s political history, and is now also a top spot in the Arkansas music and art scene. Arkansas are proud of their capital, and with reason!

The Home of The Hogs

Arkansas’ wild pack of Razorbacks calls the University of Arkansas their home, and they are the State’s biggest pride. Although we all know the Razorbacks for football, they also excell in several other sports such as basketball, baseball, track, and several non-varsity sports. 

The Razorbacks aren’t only famous for their skills on the field, Razorback fans have also made a mark in football history with their unique way of “calling the hogs”, as they say. There really aren’t many words to describe it, you’ll just have to go to a game and hear it yourself. While you’re at it, you might as well take a visit to see Tusk IV, an absolute icon in Arkansas sports culture.

For any Arkansans reading this: you’ve got a beautiful home, enjoy it and wear your Arkansas identity with pride. And for anyone who isn’t: why aren’t you heading over to the Natural state right this second?