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Let’s Travel to the Hawkeye State

A Midwestern gem, the state of Iowa is home to a whopping population of 3.1 million. Also known as the Corn State and the Land Where the Tall Corn Grows, Iowa gained its official nickname of the Hawkeye State in 1838. Many believe that the nickname comes from a well-known Native American warrior, Black Hawk, who once resided in the area. However, others debate that it comes from the character Hawkeye in the classic novel, The Last of the Mohicans. 

If a century-long debate is not enough, Iowa is known for its monumental corn and pork production. Harvesting over 12 million acres of corn in 2018 alone and harboring the largest pig population of any state – 23.6 million! – the state of Iowa is definitely a place to be for agriculturists and bacon lovers alike.

The capital of Iowa is Des Moines – a city packed with history and American culture. The name translates to “from the monks” or “of the monks,” which references a nearby landmark, the Des Moines River. If you’re from this city or somewhere else in the Hawkeye State, put on your favorite Iowa t-shirt and show everyone your Midwestern charm.

Sports Culture in Iowa

Thanks to the Iowa Hawkeyes football team, this corn-heavy state is also rich in sports enthusiasm. Down at the Kinnick Stadium, you’ll find bleachers packed with exciting football fans – around 70,000 of them! In fact, not too long ago, Iowa placed tenth place among all 50 states for being one of the top states that watches the most sports TV.

The Iowa Hawkeyes aren’t just for football fans, either – the team name also refers to the state’s famous men’s basketball team. Having played in 28 NCAA championships and winning the Big Ten tournament three times, Iowa sports teams are nothing to be messed with.

In Iowa, sports take a huge priority as part of the state’s many traditions and prides. Aside from football, this state holds a variety of sporting events for both locals and visitors to take part in. In particular, Des Moines holds a thrilling Triathalon event every September – or you can face off in a massive tug-of-war battle along the Mississippi River at the Tug Fest in LeClaire.

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