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Actually, We Are Still in Kansas, Dorothy

Kansas—the state that's halfway to everywhere. It's about as Midwest and rectangular a state as you can get. We're flat, and we're only a little self-conscious about it. Good for corn, and that's about it. A "fly-over" state. The state so dull that even Kansas City left to be in Missouri...

That's what the haters will say, anyway. We say, let them talk trash because they're just missing out. Who doesn't like corn? Not just corn on the cob, but the corn that goes in ethanol, which goes in good old-fashioned American gasoline. So let's see you try and run that jacked-up F-150 without the help of Kansas, hot shot...

Alright, maybe we got a bit heated there. Kansas also produces a ton of soybeans—you know, the stuff that goes in $8 lattes, tofu, and other things generally consumed by non-jacked-up F-150-driving types. What we're saying is Kansas has something for everyone. Plus, Kansas City is right on the border, so it's basically Kansas.

Kansas, the Garden of the West

Known for its vast prairies and endless skies, Kansas has a rich history and various attractions that make it a great place to visit or call home. The state has played a significant role in American history, particularly in expanding the West. 

Visitors can explore various historical sites, such as the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, which preserves a piece of the state's prairie ecosystem and the artifacts of the homesteaders who settled the area. If you're from here, you don't need convincing—so we'll cut it with the high school history lesson. 

Kansas Sports Tradition Runs Deep

We've got Kansas pride, and for a good reason, too. Just look at the Kansas Jayhawks basketball record if you want proof. Not to brag, but...six national titles ain't bad. Then again, we basically did invent basketball here. So, the Kansas Jayhawks better be good, since that's the level of excellence we expect.

It's not just about the Kansas Jayhawks, though. Kansas has a deep and storied tradition of leagues and teams barely known to casuals but respected by true sports fans. 

Take the Topeka Tarantulas women's hockey team, the Wichita Wind men's hockey team, or the Sizzlers basketball team, for instance. Show up to a Wichita State campus party wearing one of those team shirts, and you're sure to be popular. Oh yeah, we can't forget the Wichita Wings, either. 

Just remember, don't go throwing up the Shocker at a KU party. That's the famous hand signal of the Wichita State Shockers and its mascot WuShock, by the way. It also alludes to something a bit more salacious, but we won't get into that…

More Than Just Sports

Kansas has a lot of other great things going for it, too… both past and present. Old heads will remember Joyland—possibly the coolest amusement park on this side of the Mississippi. 

Not to mention, the state flag is easily the prettiest of all 50 state flags. We're not sure what Ad Astra Per Aspera is supposed to mean (something in Italian, maybe?), but it looks great on the banner. There's something soothing about the smooth outline of the state border. No need for a pendulous glob like Florida—we'll keep our rectangle, thank you. 

Kansas has a great tradition of interesting food inspired by the people who settled here from all over the world, too. Take grebble, bierocks, and lefse, for example. No, those aren't words we just made up—they're delicious Kansas staples borrowed from Europe.

For those with a more classic American palate, we've also got a little Kansas barbecue—ever heard of it? Here's a pro tip: don't forget to try the loose meat sandwich and follow it up with a sour cream and raisin pie for dessert. It may sound weird, but you won't regret it. 

We like to cut loose a little here, too. There's a reason why they say, "Drink like a Kansan." If you're going to do that, though, be sure to be prepared by bringing along a map and instructions for whoever finds you.

Kansas Shirts for All Occasions

Presently, you may be wondering what the point of all this we're talking about is. If you somehow managed to read all this without scrolling up to see the awesome shirts at the top of the page (or all the links we sneakily placed to them in here), then congrats—that's quite an accomplishment. 

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