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Oklahoma.. a city that has the buzz, atmosphere, and entertainment of New York while also offering the calm and tranquility of the countryside at the same time. Spend your weekend in Oklahoma in a classic bar crawl, enjoy some great art, a little music, and adrenaline-inducing roller coasters...Be still our Oklahoma hearts; if you’re making your way along Route 66, it goes without saying that you should stop in Oklahoma to experience that country-city mix.

The OKC Roots

Before you embark on a trip to Oklahoma, let’s take you down the history lane to Oklahoma’s roots. The pointer-finger-looking State is famous for its Native American culture and the tribes that influenced it. Oklahoma was and still is (in some parts) home to the Seminole, Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, and Chickasaw tribes.

Oklahoma is known as the Oklahoma Sooners state with an area code of 405. Any idea why? Sooner or later, you’re bound to find out, but here’s a teaser - Oklahoma was given the nickname due to the influx of settlers who rushed to claim available land before the land run commenced in 1889.

A Throwback

During the 1990s, Oklahoma recognized that the only way forward was to go back in time for a bit. So it promoted the 80s Route 66, commonly known as the “Mother Road.”

Oklahoma established events, museums, festivals, foods, and attractions all inspired by the iconic Route 66. In turn, this encouraged road trippers to make a stop, explore Oklahoma for a bit, freshen up, and think, “Damn, good thing we stopped to see that” before continuing onto their next destination. Nothing like a good ‘ol Oklahoma beer and rollercoasters to elevate the spirits before a long drive. Not to mention the addictive musical jams that followed visitors out of the city and into the car.

Stopping to watch a football game to cheer on The Oklahoma Outlaws was a tradition that could not be passed up. It was a wonderful time to be alive. Fans were surrounded by traditional beers, snacks, live music, and an atmosphere that gripped their hearts.

For the Adventure Seekers

If the outdoors was more your thing, Stillwater, Oklahoma, had your jaw dropping in seconds. This was your chance to hike the canyons, explore the desert-like surroundings pretending that you're Rango, and race mustangs across plains.

Oklahoma also had another selling point that encouraged road trippers to add the State to their road trip as it became a must-see destination. Bell's Amusement Park was a famous amusement park in Tulsa's Expo Square.

The Expo Square is the center of the Tulsa State Fairgrounds and one of the world's largest clear-span buildings. It operated for 55 years before closing in 2006. During its time, the park was previously owned and used by Keli and Jason Fritz.

The Amusement park boasted a few of the most iconic rides, such as the Phantasimorgana, Dark Ride, Scrambler, Himalaya, Super Round-Up, Mind Melt - Larson Drop Tower, Pharaoh's, Fury, Ferris Wheel, Der Wellenflug - Wave Swinger, Spider, Tilt-a-Whirl and numerous water slides.

A weekend in Oklahoma had visitors repeatedly saying, “I liked Oklahoma before it was cool.”

Oklahoma in Modern Times

After that throwback, you can look forward to experiencing this in Oklahoma today…


Tulsa Pride is coming up! The parade will take place from June 23rd to June 25th and will showcase a blend of the rainbow in flags, floats, confetti, and balloons. Tulsa Pride aims to show solidarity and fight for the rights of those who identify within the LGBTQ+ community.

St Paddy’s

Since we’re on the topic of colors, get your greens, lucky charms, and clovers out for a memorable St. Patrick's Day experience. Enjoy a mighty Guinness, eat your way through Ireland, and dance the Irish jig in a State that sure knows how to celebrate the iconic day.

For the Foodies

Oklahoma’s foodie scene is just as contemporary and mixed as the rest of the State. The cuisine combines Tex-Mex, Southern, and Native American influences. The result? Slow-cooked smoky ribs, pulled pork, brisket, fried chicken steaks, fried onion burgers, Indian tacos (an Oklahoma specialty), chili and frito pie, and, to finish it all off, a pecan pie.

Did Someone Say Party?

Oklahomans love to party, and they’re pretty good at creating events that no one ever wants to leave. Oklahoma hosts The Oklahoma State Fair, The Tulsa State Fair, and the Red Earth Festival.

Oklahoma sure doesn’t disappoint. It brought smiles in the 80s and continues to do so today with its Native-American authenticity and cosmopolitan influence.

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