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There’s Some Magic in Orlando

Maybe it’s just manufactured by the theme parks but we’re pretty sure Orlando has a special kind of energy to it. From the sunny weather to the stunning golf courses to the legendary sports teams, Orlando has it all. While the city is full of transports, it’s up to its ears (mouse ears, that is…) in team spirit.

Sports in Orlando 

Orlando has two major professional sports teams, the Orlando Magic of the NBA and Orlando City SC of the MLS. Between them, the city has yet to achieve a championship but we’re always optimistic.

The Magic have come close, with legends like Shaquille O’Neal carrying the team through impressive streaks. The team has produced legends like O’Neal, Dwight Howard, Tracy McGrady, and Penny Hardaway. While a championship still may be a ways off, the city will continue to travel to the Amway Center to cheer the Magic on.

Speaking of, despite being a relatively new team, Orlando City SC has a thriving fanbase, setting records with their attendance numbers. In their debut season in 2015, the team sold out on season tickets and recorded the highest attendance of any expansion team. We believe that’s called, “Coming in hot.”

Defunct Teams in Orlando 

While the current professional teams inspire a lot of love in Orlando, the city has played host to a few teams that have come and gone. 

The Florida Blazers were a World Football League team that popped up in the 1970s, playing one season in Orlando before moving to San Antonio. Similarly the Orlando Renegades lasted only one season in the United States Football League a decade later. Attendance in Orlando was solid but the league sadly folded.

Real Orlandoans will remember the Orlando Rollergators, a professional roller hockey team that sprung up in the 1990s. Playing in the Roller Hockey International, the Rollergators were thrown together at the last minute. But that didn’t stop them from making an impact. The team would later rebrand as the Jackals and would go on to win the championship in their debut season, absolutely rocking the Orlando Arena. Pretty good for a sport few have heard of, no?

Do you call the 321 home? If so, you get it. Orlando is about so much more than just theme parks. From the thriving sports scene to the local culture, it’s one hell of a city.