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Arizona: the heart of the Sun Belt. Most visitors have the same reaction to it, and our answer to that is, "yes, but it's a dry heat." The place where inferno isn't just the name of a soccer team; it's also the most-used word on the local weather report. 

Okay, you get it. Arizona is hot. The magic of America's 48th and last contiguous state to join the Union, though, lies in its natural beauty. For instance, there's all kinds of desert: desert that looks like the surface of the moon, desert that dips downwards (the Grand Canyon), and desert that protrudes upwards (Monument Valley). 

From Phoenix to Tucson, Arizonans are proud of where they came from. They don't even need to spell it out—they simply say they rep the AZ. Bold claims are just part of their nature, whether that's taking the title of Number 1 Pizza State from New York or declaring, "Arizona by a thousand!"


People in Arizona don't just sit around and get sunburnt—they live for sports. They're either on the field, in the stands, or thinking about doing one of the two. 

While the Cardinals haven't won a Super Bowl in, well... ever (but hey, who's counting), it doesn't mean they're not passionate. There's a storied history there, not just in the NFL, but with other teams older fans may remember, like the Arizona Outlaws.

Ice melts in the desert, so Arizonan hockey fans learned to adapt. That's why you had great roller hockey teams like the Phoenix Cobras. Regular hockey is also part of the culture here—not just with the Coyotes, but with the Phoenix Mustangs and Roadrunners, too. 

Who can forget about the Tucson Gila Monsters, either? Just don't ask us what a Gila monster is. We guess it's something scaly that will bite you should you wander into the desert past Glendale (here's a map to avoid getting lost and having that happen to you). 


When you come to Arizona, you'd better be ready to cut loose. Arizonans don't just drink for hydration (although smart ones do that, too)—they drink like Arizonans

That means get your tequila sunrise and let's head to Legend City. Okay, that famous amusement park hasn't been around since the 80s, but there's still plenty to do around here. Plus, any boredom will evaporate in the heat. 

Things might get out of hand, so if lost, please return us to Arizona.

Hopefully, this convinces you to check out America's favorite almost-rectangular state. Or if you're already a fan, then why not grab one of our awesome Arizona shirts? Our collection of graphic tees, so-soft-they-feel vintage t-shirts, and other awesome retro Arizona gear are perfect for commemorating your love for the Grand Canyon.