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The 'Sota Shop: Minnesota Shirts for All

Welcome to Minnesota, where we've got two seasons: winter is coming, and winter is here. One day it's warm, and the rest of the year, it's cold—the land of 10,000 lakes and 10,000,000,000 mosquitoes. We're currently closed for glacier repairs, but at least we're not as fat as Wisconsin!

Ok, so you get the point. The weather isn't exactly tropical, but we like to be self-deprecating. When push comes to shove, we’re proud of where we’re from. And no, it’s not “basically Canada,”... So show your Minnesota pride with a couple of Minnesota shirts.

We’ve got gear that highlights what makes Minnesota awesome. Grab one of our awesome designs, and show your friends you rep the North Star State (or L' Étoile du Nord if you wanna go with the official fancy French). Each t-shirt is printed to order, using high-quality cotton for comfort and durability. No guarantees it’ll work to repel those famous Minnesota mosquitoes, though…

Whether you're lucky enough to be a lifelong Minnesotan, a temporary visitor, or just appreciating the state from afar, our t-shirts let you show off your pride for the Land of 10,000 Lakes. From Minneapolis (aka the 612 if you're from here) to St. Paul, we’ve got the gear to help you show there’s no beating Minnesota. As a matter of fact, it’s Minnesota by a thousand.

Our collection features all manner of color, size, and fit designed to complement any personal style. From classic crewnecks to vintage-style graphic tees, our shirts are versatile and can be dressed up or down. Buy one for any occasion, whether exploring the great outdoors or drinking like a Minnesotan with a few friends.

Minnesota Pride: Where Sports History Runs Deep

Of course, you can't talk about Minnesota without mentioning a bit about its sports history. Minnesota sports history is no laughing matter... except, of course, when it is! From the Vikings to the Timberwolves to the Twins, Minnesota has seen its fair share of sports triumphs and tragedies. Here are a few lighthearted moments from the past that go to show, ‘Sota sports fans have a good sense of humor:

  1. The Metrodome Collapse: RIP to the Metrodome. The Homer Dome began demolition the day after its final scheduled home game for the Vikings in 2010. Thanks to a big snowfall (which, it being Minneapolis, was anyone not expecting that?), the roof caved in, and the game against the New York Giants was moved to Detroit, where ticket sales weren't great: they played in front of a half-empty stadium. Oh, and we should mention that it wasn’t the first time, either. The roof also collapsed in 1981.
  2. The Love Boat: There are three sure things in life. Death, taxes, and NFL players having crazy parties. In 2005, a few Vikings team members rented a boat and went wild on Lake Minnetonka, making national headlines and still being talked about today. No one knows for sure what went down, but rumors say there were strippers, lewd behavior, and… you can guess what else.
  3. The Randy Moss Moon: You oughta celebrate when you score a touchdown. Just maybe don’t take it as far as Randy Moss, who in 2005 caught a pass against the Packers, ran it in for the score, and proceeded to fake moon the crowd. That little stunt earned him a $10,000 fine from the NFL—a small price to pay for the chance to enter the halls of legendary Minnesota sports lore.
  4. The Homer Hanky: No one knows exactly why this one caught on, but in 1987 after the Twins won their first-ever World Series, fans began waving “Homer Hankies”—white handkerchiefs were given out at games to be used for celebrations. Fans sure were enthralled by the waving towels, as evidenced by the fact they’re still waving them today!
  5. “Crunch,” the Timberwolves Mascot: The Minnesota Timberwolves unveiled their new mascot, Crunch, in 1996. Sounds like a breakfast cereal mascot, right? Well, either way, the giant, muscular wolf wearing basketball shorts and a headband was a hit with fans of all ages.

Minnesota is home to some great teams of bygone eras, too. While the Vikings are great, who can forget about such great but much-less-appreciated teams like the Minnesota Fighting Saints, the Duluth Eskimos, or the Minneapolis Mighty Millers?

The next time you intend to stroll around the 651, order one of our shirts featuring these teams and impress just about any Midwest old-head sports fan. Shopping tip: buy one a size up if you fill up on Swedish meatballs (which we recommend doing).

Great Minnesota T-Shirts for All Occasions

Minnesotans are friendly but don't take that for granted. In other words, make sure you dress the part next time you enter Minneapolis. For a proper Minnesota winter, we recommend layering cotton, Gore-Tex, and about 50 lbs of down insulation to stay warm and dry.

Our fabulous collection of shirts comes on the finest cotton stock, is printed with care, and designed to last. Since each one will likely be the new favorite in your wardrobe, it really makes shopping easy. Whether you prefer a short sleeve, long sleeve, or even no sleeve—we've got your size and fit.

It's not just t-shirts, either. We've got cotton crewnecks, raglan tees, and even can coolers and maps. Buy one for yourself, or give one to the Midwest enthusiast in your life! Just add it to your cart, hit enter, and enjoy repping Minnesota.

And better yet—all orders are printed to order here in the USA.