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Coloradans wake up to stunning views every day, even though most mornings include snow boots and a shovel in order to get their car out of the driveway. Still, what's a little bit of snow if you get to see the Colorado mountains on your drive to work, am I right? We love the Rockies ourselves so much that we made a Rocky mountains t-shirt to honor them. We've also got a bunch more Colorado shirts for you, so keep reading.

Beautiful, mountain-covered Colorado. The land of the Rocky Mountain National Park and the concept of "granola" personified. Home to the Spurs and Denver Rockets. Colorful Colorado, what a hard place to forget.

Sports Galore

When Coloradans aren't skiing, snowboarding, rafting, kayaking, biking, or another one of their sports of choice, they're most likely at home watching other Coloradans play sports on TV. It's kinda like a never-ending circle.

We do have to admit, Denver Colorado is quite the sports hub, and has options for all tastes. We're more into the vintage colorado sports scene, and we've got some graphic tees if anyone else is a fan of retro colorado sports. Ice-hockey fans, the Spurs used to kill it out there. It was almost like they were naturals on ice... wonder why that was. Then you've got the famous Denver Rockets, masters on the basketball court; and the Denver Gold, who set a high standard for future Colorado soccer teams. The Denver Avalanche (not to be confused with the Colorado Avalanche) showed their skills on the indoor soccer field, and last but not least, the Daredevils, with their roller-hockey skills and their badass logo.

A State of Records

It's no surprise that Colorado holds many records for "highest XXX" (we're talking mountains here, don't get the wrong idea) and the "largest XXX". The Springs is a neighbor to the highest summit of the southern Front Range of the Rockies, Pikes Peak Colorado. You've got the world's largest flat-top mountain at Grand Mesa, the biggest natural hot springs at Glenwood Springs, the highest suspension bridge in the world, and the highest auto tunnel in the world. The list just goes on and on. We get it, Colorado, you've got some tall mountains.

There are also some unofficial records that can be mentioned about this mountain state: Aspen Colorado has got to win some sort of award for prettiest mountain town, and Fort Collins has got to be up there among the most beautiful historic towns in the country, and Boulder is in the top 10 coolest list we just made up (although the real ones will say they liked Boulder before it was cool).

Now, did we convince you that Colorado is a state worth celebrating? Of course we did. And what's the best way to celebrate it? With your own colorado t-shirt. It can be your typical Colorado flag t-shirt, or you can go a little crazy and get yourself a Colorado Flag Moonman shirt. Are you the indie type? Then you gotta go with the 303 graphic tees, be mysterious. Or check out our collection of vintage t-shirt styles for vintage sports fans.