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Steel City. The Burgh. The 412. 

There’s nowhere in the world like Pittsburgh. This proud city is home to some of the greatest sports teams of all time, and their devotion for their boys runs deep. From the Steelers to the Penguins to the Pirates, you can distinguish Pittsburgh fans from other cities by their grit, patience, and above all, loyalty.

The City of Champions

Pittsburgh got its most golden nickname — the City of Champions — for a good reason. The city scooped up trophy after trophy in the 1970s.

In fact, the Steelers are tied for first place (with Boston, yuck) when it comes to most Super Bowl wins. Their first Super Bowl win in 1975 was a long time coming — Steelers fans waited 42 years for that glorious day.

The Pirates collected their five championship rings around the same time, securing their last World Series title in 1979. Don’t count ‘em out, though. We’re always hopeful that this year will be the Pirates’ year.

The Penguins are leading the Pittsburgh-assist recently, with Stanley Cup wins in 2016 and 2017 and regular appearances in the playoffs.

Bottom line? It’s always a good time to be a Pittsburgh sports fan. This city rallies around its teams like no other, win or lose.

Pittsburgh Teams of the Past 

That said, not every team that rolled through Pittsburgh built a lasting legacy. There were the Pittsburgh Condors, champions of the 1978 ABA final. There were the Pittsburgh Gladiators, AFL superstars who traded Tampa Bay for the Steel City — their loss. And who could forget the Pittsburgh Hornets? Minor league hockey kings of the Calder Cup. 

Don’t worry if you’re not catching all these references. It’s a Pittsburgh thing.

Local sports and club teams are at the heart of Pittsburgh’s sports culture. Sure we love the big three, but is there anything better than taking your seat at the ​​Pittsburgh Civic Arena for some hometown fun? That’s what we love about the 412. There’s always something unique to do if you’re looking for it.

So go walk across one of the city’s 446 bridges. Stick some fries in your sandwich—Don your black and gold for game day. Show Pittsburgh the pride it deserves because if you’re lucky enough to call this special place home, you should shout it from the rooftops.