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Take a Trip to the Land of the Midnight Sun

Alaska’s landscapes are truly some of the most glorious sights in the world. With sprawling pastures, mountains, glaciers, and rainforests, this Arctic-climate state has got it all. Not to mention, summer nights are just an extension of the day in some of Alaska’s northwest communities, with the sun remaining high in the sky even at 2 AM!

Also known as America’s Ice Box, thousands of people visit this state every year to catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis, or more famously known – the Northern Lights. In fact, if you’re looking for one of the best places to view this natural phenomenon, the Northern Alaskan city of Fairbanks is situated atop of the Aurora Oval, allowing passerby to take in the breathtaking light show without obstruction. 

However, while Fairbanks may be known for its great viewpoints, that’s not the only thing that has tourists flocking over with their Alaska shirts – it’s also home to the historical hockey team, the Alaskan Gold Kings! Although sports may not be the driving force for tourists to visit the state of eternal daylight, it’s still a major part of Fairbanks’ transition to the Hockeytown that it is today.

Sports Culture in Alaska

Ever dreamed of playing ice hockey next to a glacier and a pack of wild moose? When you’re in Alaska, that’s not unheard of (at least, in people’s dreams). Clearly, those long, cold winters are no match for Alaska’s love for sports – especially if you’ve heard of the legendary Alaskan Gold Kings.

Once known as the Fairbanks Gold Kings, the memory of this once-spry team lives on in the hearts of the Alaskan people. Truly, the Alaskan Gold Kings were a team to remember, with local youth aspiring to become part of the semi-professional hockey team for decades. From 1975 to 1995, the Gold Kings started out as an amateur senior men’s team, but it was that last year when the magic happened.

Come 1995, the Gold Kings spent the next two years in the professional minor league West Coast Hockey League. Winning five national championships, playing against 16 different international and Olympic teams, and playing in far-away continents like Asia and Europe, the once-amateur team inspired fans in Fairbanks and beyond.

In 1998, the team relocated to Colorado Springs, changing their name once more to become the Colorado Gold Kings. In four seasons, the team qualified for the postseason every year. While the Gold Kings may no longer be active, this heroic team is still cherished as a part of Alaska’s honorable history.

A Blast into Alaska’s Past

Today, the Gold Kings remain a part of Alaska’s legacy and a reminder of its days of ice hockey glory. If you’re from the Last Frontier, wear an Alaska shirt to show off your pride for the Northern state!

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