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Indiana: the 38th-largest and 17th-most populous state in America. Not just geographically in the middle of the country, but statistically, too. From South Bend to Indy, it's where everyone's known as a Hoosier, but nobody quite knows what a "Hoosier" is exactly.

Our collection of Indiana shirts is dedicated to all Indiana Hoosiers. There's no better way to show your Indiana pride than with a long sleeve t-shirt or short sleeve, or simply rock sleeveless tanks. Whether you’re looking for men's t-shirts or funny slogans on shirts. We've got them all.

If you know Indiana, you know the people there are proud of their state. They're not afraid to tell you, "I liked Indianapolis before it was cool." Indianapolis is a bit of a mouthful, so feel free to refer to it as the 3-1-7. That's the area code for all smartphone-addicted teens who no longer dial phone numbers.


Indiana Hoosiers are passionate about sports. They should be; after all, they pretty much invented basketball. But it's not just about Indiana basketball—they love ball games, gloves, helmets, stick-related activities, the Indiana dunes, and the national park.

Indiana Hoosiers sports history goes back to teams like baseball's Fort Wayne Kekiongas, hockey's Indianapolis Ice, and the Indiana Twisters soccer team; if you want to rep deep Indiana sports knowledge, rock one of those Indiana shirts.

Oh yeah, there's a pretty good football team, too. You could say the state is steeped in sports colt-ure. Name a more iconic football helmet than that of Notre Dame's Golden Domers.

Hoosiers are known for their unrelenting faith in their teams. Whether it’s a good or bad season, you can count on the crowd being as passionate as any. Don’t believe us? Talk to anyone who watched a game at Market Square Arena and ask about their tinnitus.


When the game is over, it's time to drink like a champion, Indy-style. Grab a cold beer, and pop it in a can cooler that shows your Indy pride. And what better to pair it with than a fresh slice? Some say Indiana is even taking the title of number one pizza state—don't tell New York!

If you're really drinking like a Hoosier, you'll probably be yelling, "Indy by a thousand." Yeah, it can get a bit rowdy. So don't forget to pack a map and instructions to anyone who finds you to return you where you belong. Now that you're set, let your Indy flag fly. Literally.

Are you lucky enough to count yourself one of the Indiana Hoosiers? Great. Even if you’re not so fortunate, show your appreciation by rocking one of our high-quality, unbelievably soft long sleeve, tank top, or short sleeve Indiana t-shirts.