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Florida is the state where winter never comes. It's the state where 813 isn't just an area code; it's what the temperature feels like on an incredibly humid day. From Jacksonville to Miami, it's where the further North you go, the more South it gets. Our line of funny Florida t-shirts is here to celebrate this awesome, kooky state.

We love our Florida gators here, and we don't mean just mean the football team. We're talking about actual Florida gators. The Florida gators that gave it the name the Alligator State. The Florida gators that will cause your Shih Tzu to go missing if you're not careful... ok, you get the point.

It's not just about the reptiles, though. Floridians are all about marine life, from manatees to sharks, to dolphins. We'll even name a sports team after each one—just watch.

Americans from all over know why a good Florida vacation is so popular. The proof is in the sheer number of retirees who've decided to make it their home. And no, those aren't just sun-dried 30-year-olds that look like retirees (although we've got plenty of those here, too).

But maybe you're an expert on Florida already. You even liked St. Pete before it was cool. In that case, you'll want to rep your love with a few loud and proud Florida t-shirts. Possibly, even a long sleeve t-shirt. Here's a tip: we can tell a true Floridian by their willingness to wear a long sleeve t-shirt even in the muggiest of Tampa weather.


Our collection of Florida t-shirts comes in a range of comfort colors, letting you show off some vintage Florida style. And no, we don't mean Hawaiian short-sleeves and fanny packs. Fly your Florida flag high—no, seriously, we have flags too.

Even if you've only dreamt of visiting the state, there's no reason you can't take home those Florida souvenir t-shirts you would've grabbed at the duty-free shop. The only thing is, our Florida t-shirts are better. One might even say they're the Florida shirt of your dreams. Weirdly specific dreams you're having, but hey, who are we to judge?

Grab a crew neck t-shirt, a tank top, or a hoodie that says you're built Florida strong. And while you're at it, get one that celebrates the best sandwich around: the Cuban.

It's our mission to make packing the right Florida trip shirts a real difficulty. Do you pack the Champa Bay shirt or a more Florida vintage selection like the West Palm Beach Tropics tee? One says you've got a winner's mindset, while the other says you've got deep historical sports knowledge. Pack them both, we say.

Don't stress about it, though. After all, this is the state where people come to relax and maybe even drink like a Floridian. Before you ask, no, that's not a reference to fluoride in the tap water. The words just sound the same, is all.

We're talking about a Key Lime margarita. Because when you're down in Tampa for Gasparilla, it's important to remember the three B's: Beads, Booze, and Bayshore.