10 Cincy Shirts Perfect for Sports Fans

10 Cincy Shirts Perfect for Sports Fans

January 12, 2023

The City of Seven Hills isn't just a rolling landscape of breweries, art-deco-style architecture, and flying pig statues – it's also home to an incredible legacy of sports teams that stretches back into the late 1800s. You Cincinnati locals are known for your city pride, so rep your favorite team in some awesome Cincy shirts while you're drinking at one of Cincinnati's 50 breweries, saying hi to Fiona the hippo, or enjoying a scoop at Graeter's Ice Cream. Check out our list of top 10 Cincinnati shirts at our favorite Cincy shirts locations that are sure to keep your spirits racing and your Cincinnati pride burning.

10 Cincy Shirts You'll Never Stop Wearing

Cincinnati Crosley Field

Cincinnati Crosley Field T-Shirt

Cincinnati boasts America's first professional baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds. From 1912 to 1970, the Cincinnati Reds used Crosley Field as their home base. This historical field was also the home field of the original Cincinnati Bengals football team. This field brought about a revolutionary change in the world of baseball: nighttime sports. During the depression of the 1930s, many baseball fans couldn't attend games during the day due to grueling work hours. So, with the installation of lights on the field, Crosley Stadium became the first to introduce night baseball and saw attendance increase by 100%. Now that's some serious dedication to their fans!

Orange & Black Attack

Orange & Black Attack

Hey Who Dey! The Cincinnati Bengals are known for their fierce attitudes and unstoppable power, and so are their fans. Show the opposing teams (the Buffalo Bills, perhaps?) your claws while Joe Barrow wipes the field against them! With their trademark orange helmet with black tiger stripes, the Bengals are an incredibly recognizable team that any Cincinnati local would be proud to rep. If you can't make the game, why don't you try visiting the real tiger and Cincinnati mascot, Who Dey, at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden?

The Freezer Bowl

The Freezer Bowl T-Shirt

Sports fans are known to be a little nuts, having to brave crazy crowds, parking lots, and all types of weather to cheer on their favorite teams. But none were so brave as the fans supporting the Cincinnati Bengals during their epic ACF Championship matchup against the Changers in 1982. Over 46k fans packed the Riverfront Stadium, donning oversized coats and hats to protect themselves against a -59° windchill. The freezing cold was worth it, as the Bengals beat the Chargers 27-7. It's like they always say: when the going gets cold, the Bengals get the heat going!

Cincinnati Gardens Arena

Cincinnati Gardens Arena T-Shirt

If Cincinnati does one thing right, it's starting things off with a bang. When the Cincinnati Gardens first opened in 1942, over 11,000 fans packed the stadium to watch the Cincinnati Mohawks play against the Montreal Canadiens. In fact, there are many Canadian connections to the Gardens – our arena was actually inspired by the design of the Maple Leaf Gardens arena in Toronto, Canada. The Garden wasn't just a beacon for all things hockey. Fans swarmed the stadium to watch Jimi Hendrix rock out in '68 and swoon over Elvis Presley in '71. The Beatles even made an appearance during the height of Beatlemania, with adoring fans screaming, crying, and stomping in absolute pandemonium.

Riverfront Stadium

Riverfront Stadium Cincinnati T-Shirt

Now a historical part of the Great American Ballpark, the Riverfront Stadium was the home field of the Cincinnati Reds and the Bengals from 1970 to 2002. The stadium earned its place in the baseball hall of fame as the home of the Reds, or the Big Red Machine, as fans called them. The Reds made the World Series a total of four times in the first seven years after the stadium was built. It was the very first stadium to cover its entire field in Astroturf, which helped Red's superstars hit doubles and triples off its speed-inducing turf; no more mowing lawns for them!

Cincinnati Swords Hockey

Cincinnati Swords Hockey T-Shirt

Forming in 1971, the Cincinnati Swords were a professional hockey team that competed in the American Hockey League, hosting their home games at the Cincinnati Gardens. Being owned by the Buffalo Sabres gave them some major cred in the hockey world, and fans loved affiliating them with a large & in-charge NFL team, especially when the Swords made the playoffs in their first season. Though they cultivated a soft and lovable spot in the hearts of Cincinnati locals, the team was dissolved in 1974 after Cincinnati received an expansion franchise. But you can still keep their legacy alive!

Cincinnati By A Thousand Men

Cincinnati By A Thousand T-Shirt

They say Helen of Troy's face launched a thousand ships; well, Cincinnati launches a thousand men's and women's sports careers! As the birthplace of professional baseball, the sport would be nothing without this city. The Cincinnati Reds are even given the privilege of starting every baseball season with a home game. Opening Day is such an exciting event that the city of Cincinnati made it an unofficial civic holiday. Thousands of people pour into the downtown core dressed in their finest red & white apparel to cheer on their legendary team; in shirts like ours, you could be a part of history too!

Ohio Tiger Stripes

Ohio Tiger Stripes T-Shirt

Tigers are known to symbolize strength, cunning, majesty, and immortality, a perfect mixture that describes the power of Cincinnati's Bengals. The Bengals are fierce, and the fans' passion is even fiercer. The Who Dey Nation is unstoppable, and the dramatic Bengal's Growl fight song can be heard from the rooftops as over 50,000 voices scream it after every touchdown. The Who Dey Nation is also known for quenching their dry throats with Skyline Brand Chili, a Cincinnati staple. Why chili instead of water, you may ask? Anyone can drink water, but not just anyone can chug a can of chili – now that's some real fan behavior.


Wincinnati T-Shirt

Everyone loves an underdog, and Cincinnati fans are no exception. Despite boasting one of the best baseball teams in American History, people still think they're allowed to doubt the power of this city! Let's prove them wrong, shall we? Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals? Your passion for your team goes far beyond any doubters. Welcome to the Jungle haters; you're about to see just how unstoppable Cincinnati can be!

Cincinnati Retro

Cincinnati Retro T-Shirt

Vintage never goes out of style. Since our sports teams have been around since the late 1800s, we only thought it right to have some old-school style Cincinnati pride to help you remember the good ol' days of Cincy sports. Nothing says sports fan like a well-loved favorite, and you'll be turning heads at every bar you go to on game day in this ultra-soft tee.

Who Owns Cincy Shirts? You Do!

No need to fall into cardiac arrest at the thought of being unable to rep your team. We've got all these shirts and more over at Allegiant Goods. Our Cincy shirts Instagram is always popping, and we're always posting our newest merch (maybe we'll even have a Cincy shirts warehouse sale for the Reds opening day!)

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