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10 Holiday Football Gifts for Football Fans in 2022

November 15, 2022

The Holidays are exciting for the regular person out there. But for football lovers, the holidays are extra special because of the games!

Instead of gifting regular Christmas gifts for your family, friends, and partners, why not take advantage of the football season and make your loved ones happy with any of these fantastic holiday football gifts?

You don’t have to watch the entire season of the NFL football games with them, but If your loved one is a football lover, you owe it to them to grab one of these gift items. We’ve got something for everyone, whether they’re Bills Mafia or they love the Chicago bears. Here are 10 personalized football gift ideas for football lovers in 2022.

Gooooooooooo get iiittt!


NFL team + sports gift

Is your partner crushing hard on Buffalo Bills star quarterback Josh Allen? Instead of that cute but regular ole necklace, do them one solid by gifting them this Air Allen tee.

If you both love the Bills, you can hit the tailgates in matching tees!

If you’re a girl reading this, nothing will make your diehard Bills Mafia boyfriend happier than to show up at the NFL game day in matching tees supporting his favorite team. Be a team player, will you? And don’t forget your sweet potatoes!


football wall + sports football

Hey Seahawk 12s! You know by now that your brother, boyfriend, or bestie can’t scream, “I am the 12th man”, at the stadium or while tailgating. It’s all in the incoherent screams. Now, where’s their solidarity tee shirt?

Even if they “have a bunch of those,” one more still counts as good luck.

Surprise them by getting a personalized 12s shirt and a matching water bottle. Best believe their throat will need water after screaming for the first few minutes. But you can’t fault the 12s. No football team does it better than those guys.

GOAT #12

sports bag + youth football

Shout out to everyone from Tampa Bay!

The real GOAT 12, Tom Brady, didn’t stutter that time he said, “I can’t do anything with what’s happened in the past” Forget about the other football gear your friend has collected in the past. The holidays are here again, and even the Lord won’t say no to one more Goat #12 tee shirt.

The Bucs aren’t big on emotions, not on the outside, but sports geeks love a custom football tee shirt with their team logo proudly inked on it - perfect for a football necklace to tag along. Get it right by your favorite person now, and thank us later.


Officially licensed NFL + football stadium

Ever heard that the Vikings didn’t make it to the Super Bowl? That would be odd. The Vikings have a record for the most appearances at the Super Bowl (in a tie with the Buffalo Bills). So, 'tis the season to gather helmets, eye paints, and, of course, a cool Vikings shirt with the bold vintage football helmet slapped on it.

Anyone who loves football or sports, in general, would adore this gift. Again, 'tis the season. So, Skol Vikings, let’s go!


football star

The Immaculate Reception remains one of the most beautiful plays ever in NFL history. Every holiday season, the Pittsburgh Steelers commemorate the throw that brought about a tide-turning touchdown for the Steelers.

Let your loved one celebrate with their personalized t-shirt. It’s a special occasion, after all! 50 crazy years! That’s a golden jubilee. Even football fans from other teams respect this historic feat. Take advantage of this gift idea to support the Steeler Nation and the 4-1-2 city.


Kids Football

Before the Bengals begin their “Who dey” chant on their next game, grab a sports shirt for a devoted Bengals' fan to help them foster that kindred spirit with other fans and the team on the field.

It could be you or anyone, really. And while it seems a bit challenging to get gifts for football fanatics, things like helmets and a custom t-shirt of their forever team would score you touchdown points.

So pick up a Win-Cinnati shirt because “Who dey….”


Football Training

The great thing about gifting this to any sports fan is that it covers different teams, except it has a specific team’s logo. But for the Seahawks, the Ravens, the Falcons, the Cardinals, and the Eagles, it’s all for the birds.

If your favorite person’s birthday falls on one of the holiday games. Double score for them because their gift doubles as a holiday and birthday gift.

A shirt will always lift their spirits if they’ve received other kinds of football gifts. By the way, ask your loved one their favorite part of the last Seahawks game. It was wicked!


football goal

Man! It’s tempting not to say the words on this shirt at every tailgate or stadium. Shout out to Philly. The Eagles really are so good it hurts

The Philadelphia Eagles have a game against the Tennessee Titans this season, maybe more with other teams. That’s worth whipping out some sports gear while cheering from the bleachers.

Look no further for a great Eagles memento for the holidays this year. Quickly grab one of these tees, and that diehard football head would feel so good it might hurt.


Football field + football gifts for adults

Gather round 12s! With all the games lined up for the remaining part of the season, throw in some holiday cheer by gifting your fellow fans with a cool t-shirt.

There’s a lot of scream-cheering to do. After all, the Seahawks are the only team that has 12 players!


composite football

Dolphins fans are hands down one of the coolest. This season, as the boys huddle up in the stadium against the Texans and the Packers, join other Dolphins fans in chanting FINS UP!

If you’re not a football fan, gift it to any sports-loving friends from Miami. Fins Up, baby!

Super Football Gifts for a Super Holiday

There is lots of stuff to give out to friends and family this holiday season, but one of the most thoughtful and unique football gifts for football fans is a solidarity t-shirt. Nobody says no to that.

Even after the game, they can wear it proudly to identify with other fans worldwide. Give it a throw, would you?


Football Fan Gear T-Shirts


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