10 Times Tom Brady Proved He Was the GOAT

10 Times Tom Brady Proved He Was the GOAT

August 29, 2022

Tom Brady may have announced his retirement from the NFL, but fans of the quarterback legend certainly won’t forget his greatest moments. Over the last 22 years of his career, it’d be impossible to narrow down his best wins to a list of ten, but we’ve managed to condense just a few of the many times Brady proved he was the GOAT.
Securing six Super Bowl victories for the New England Patriots and one for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady maintains his image as a force to be reckoned with. Here are some – but certainly not all – of Tom Brady’s unforgettable highlights in the NFL.


Tom Brady wins 7th Super Bowl

1. 7th Superbowl Victory

In Super Bowl LV, Tom Brady had just left the Patriots – his home for 20 consecutive seasons – for Tampa Bay, only to suddenly find himself up against Patrick Mahomes, a younger NFL star quickly gaining steam as a quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. In what was believed to be the game that would have Brady passing over the baton to his younger counterpart, Brady meant business when it came to retaining his title of GOAT. 

The seasoned quarterback showed Mahomes who’s boss by throwing out three touchdowns with zero interceptions, gaining him his seventh Super Bowl title and exceeding the number of Lombardi Trophies that any other NFL team. With a 31-9 victory, Brady beat the odds by demonstrating that his age meant nothing – only skill and a fiery determination to win.


Tom Brady Tuck Rule Game

2. Tuck Rule Game

At just 24 years old, Tom Brady was serving his playoff debut at the long-controversial Tuck Rule Game. Consequently, the jaw-dropping game became his career's first playoff victory. It was a day to remember when Brady finished with 312 yards and one interception against the Oakland Raiders. 

Touchdown or not, he still took the lead in the middle of the fourth quarter, only to lead the drive toward Adam Vinatieri’s field goal. Confidence high, Vinateira was then able to secure a close 16-13 win against the Raiders. With Brady at their center, the Patriots went on to win six astonishing Super Bowls.


Tom Brady Super Bowl XXXVI

3. Super Bowl XXXVI

Ending the first half with 14 points over the St. Louis Rams, a win for the Patriots was looking clear. However, the Rams fought back in the second half, bringing the game to a staggering tie with only a minute to spare. Unwilling to pass the win over to the Rams, Brady knew what he had to do.

With time ticking away, Brady managed 5-of-7 passes for 53 yards, only to spike the ball where Adam Vinatieri could kick to victory within field-goal range. The first of Brady’s seven Super Bowl victories, this game surely let fans and fellow players know that time is no match for Brady’s desire to win.


Tom Brady 50th Touchdown Pass

4. 50th Touchdown Pass

One of the most impactful years of Brady’s career is 2007, in which he held an impressive campaign that goes down in history. With Randy Moss as his wide receiver, Brady crushed two separate records in one play alone. The quarterback not only led the Patriots to become the first team to ever reach 16 wins in a regular season of the NFL, but also broke Manning’s record by rising to 50 touchdowns in a single season. 

At the time, people were just getting used to the idea that Brady may be something good, and the major records led fans to believe he wasn’t just riding on the back of good defenses. To this day, Brady’s 2007 season remains one of the most incredible seasons that showcases his quarterback brilliance.


Tom brady Super Bowl LI

5. Super Bowl LI

In 2015, the NFL suspended Brady from the first four games of the season for knowingly playing with under-inflated balls. Although Brady denied knowing anything about it, that didn’t deter him from getting his due justice at the Super Bowl LI. By the second half of the game, the Falcons had the Patriots in a chokehold with a score of 28-3.

Those 25 points were no match for Brady, however; by the middle of the third quarter, the famed quarterback took the Patriots to a whopping 28-28 with four straight scoring drives. Going into overtime, Brady stunned both the Falcons and fans by charging 75 yards into the endzone, bringing the Patriots into one of the greatest Super Bowl comebacks.


Tom Brady AFC Championship

6. AFC Championship Game 

At first, it seemed like everything was against the odds of Brady’s triumph at this game. Not only did he go in with a hand injury due to jamming his thumb in a botched handoff to Rex Burkhead the week before, but Brady’s right-hand man, tight end Rob Gronkowski, was out from a concussion. Still, poor circumstances didn’t stop him from fabricating one of the greatest comeback victories against the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

The Jaguars had the Patriots in a 14-3 lead. By the fourth quarter, the score looked more like 20-10, and the Patriots were being kept off the field by the Jaguars’ defense. Brady quickly responded by connecting with wide receiver Danny Amendola, moving the sticks for a first down. Passing to wide receiver Phillip Dorsett over 31 yards, Brady steered the Patriots toward a monumental touchdown. Not long after, the Patriots held onto a staggering 24-20 and won the game.


Brady vs Belicheck

7. Winning Against Belichick

After serving six out of nine Super Bowl victories with the Patriots, Brady decided to give the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a shot when he left New England. October 3rd of 2021 marked the quarterback’s first game back in Foxborough, where onlookers waited patiently to see him put up against his former coach, Bill Belichick. 

With just two minutes left on the clock, there wasn’t any surprise when Brady set the Buccaneers up toward a field goal, bringing his new team to a narrow victory. The NFL star may have left Patriots fans with a loss, but he certainly left Tampa Bay fans looking up to see more victories forthcoming.


Tom Brady wins Super Bowl XLIX

8. Super Bowl XLIX 

It wasn’t looking so hot for Brady when he faced the Seahawks’ “Legion of Boom” secondary as the Super Bowl XLIX loomed. Regardless, there’s a reason why Patriots fans know him as the GOAT, and he came through by engineering one of his many comebacks.

By the fourth quarter, New England was already down 24-14, and the Seahawks (almost) certainly had this one in the bag. However, the heroic quarterback demonstrated his mastery by tossing touchdowns on two drives in succession, leading cornerback Malcolm Butler to orchestrate a brilliant goal-line interception and secure a Patriots victory.


 Tom Brady

9. 2021 Regular Season

Fans were devastated to see Brady retiring, especially after what was supposed to be his final season quickly became what many fans consider his absolute greatest. With several records broken and a masterful play strategy, Brady’s surely left the best for last.

In his final game, Brady recovered the Buccaneers from a 24-point deficit by whipping out one of his classic comebacks, tying the game up with just upwards of forty seconds left on the clock. The Rams may have still won that game with a field goal at the last second, but Brady’s last-minute comebacks never go out of style.


Tom Brady

10. MVP at Age 40

Even at 40 – long after the average age when most NFL players are looking to settle down their careers and move toward retirement – Brady was still named MVP. In 2017, He finished the year with 4,577 yards, 32 touchdowns, and set a major record for the most regular-season victories in the history of the NFL with his 187th win.

Throughout his esteemed career as an NFL quarterback, Brady served 22 seasons and is retiring with a whopping 278 victories in his pocket. Truly, this man deserves the title of MVP, as much as he deserves to be dubbed the GOAT.

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