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9 Most Obnoxious NFL Fan Bases

September 12, 2023

For millions of Americans, football is almost at par with religion. People eat, breathe, and sleep football. Fans treat Sunday like a holiday, inviting friends and family to congregate around the most significant event of the week. The passion for the game and the teams has led to the creation of some obnoxious NFL fan bases.

We’ve seen sports fandom turn to arrogance, obnoxiousness, and entitlement. Then add alcohol, and all bets are off.

If you're a football enthusiast, you're probably well aware of the least pleasant fans to share stadium seats with. These fanbases possess huge and passionate followings, but they bring with them boisterous cheers, historical championship stats, and stories from past games that could fill more time than a single game allows. These are the fans who elicit disdain from opposing team supporters and camaraderie from fellow followers. Whether you admire or despise them, these football franchises host the most exasperating fan bases—no specific order here, just an all-around level of annoyance.

Big Bills Energy

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In the past decade, numerous NFL teams have heightened their security measures. The Eagles, Steelers, and Broncos have all implemented fresh policies to quell unruly fan behavior. In Buffalo, however, the challenge seems beyond control. In 2008, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Buffalo Bills faced difficulties in managing some of the most ill-mannered fans in all of professional sports.

Endless Fervor from Dallas Cowboys Fans

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The presence of the Dallas Cowboys on this list should come as no surprise, given their historical popularity. Even during the Cowboys' downtimes, NFL enthusiasts relish critiquing "America's Team"—the very title they give themselves is reason enough for scrutiny. Yet, Cowboys fans uphold it as an embodiment of patriotism. When the team asserts its superiority, fans staunchly believe it, and it's worth noting that they enjoyed a run of multiple championships in the 1970s. However, in recent times, the Cowboys have not secured a title since the 1990s. The team, performing in a 100,000-seat stadium, draws not only devoted followers but also casual spectators who come for the spectacle rather than the game itself.

Steelers Fans Stand Up

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Were you aware that the Pittsburgh Steelers hold the record for tying six Super Bowl victories in the post-merger NFL era? If this information escaped you, don't worry—Steelers fans are more than willing to enlighten you. And don't think you're safe from this encounter; Steelers enthusiasts can be found far and wide. They make their allegiance clear without hesitation.

The Notorious Fandom of New England Patriots

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Even if you've never watched a single game, you're likely familiar with the reputation of New England Patriots fans. Six Super Bowl wins within two decades would naturally lead to a sense of smugness, right? Wrong. Patriots fans consistently position themselves as underdogs, always ready to complain. During tough seasons, they'll claim to be "suffering," as though they truly grasp the concept. While one might argue that consistent victories foster such behavior in any fan base, the New England Patriots are the sole owners of six rings. Yet, their fans still manage to maintain a perpetual stream of grievances.

No New Chants: New Orleans Saints

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The rallying cry of 'Who Dat?' resounds in every stadium where the Saints compete, whether at home or away. Passion is a virtue, but for rival teams, the Saints' fan base can come off as haughty and vexing. While this fosters a vibrant atmosphere for New Orleans and the Saints, it leaves other teams on the receiving end of their arrogance.

Always Raiding: Las Vegas Raiders (Formerly: Oakland Raiders)

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A change in geographical location hasn't fizzled down the energy of Raiders fans. They proudly embrace their reputation for being combative and assertive, sometimes even skirmishing with rival fans and occasionally among themselves. Their attire of choice includes face paint, spiked pads, and skeleton costumes. These fans embody the ferocity and intensity of the NFL, though it might not be everyone's cup of tea.

Resounding Seattle Seahawks

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Often referred to as the "Twelfth Man," Seahawks fans are known to be proudly annoying. Their booming vocals have become so physically assaulting they've made history. In fact, their roaring crowd caused a minor earthquake during a game in 2011, eliciting a level of pride enjoyed by some but also seen by many (many) more as proof of the Seahawks having one of the worst fan bases in the NFL. 

It's difficult to resent a fan base when the team isn't performing well. It's unlikely that many people harbor animosity toward Sacramento Kings or Jacksonville Jaguars fans. There's something about sustained success and the corresponding fan behavior that go hand in hand.

No One Forgets the New York Jets

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The "other" New York franchise might not command as much attention, but their fan base is anything but inconspicuous. Brash and outspoken, Jets fans are proud of their boisterousness. Jets home games have gained notoriety for generating a considerable number of arrests, ranking third in the NFL. A true fan can rattle off an impressive list of reasons for despising each of the other 31 NFL teams individually, and they don't hesitate to do so.

No One Can Compare: Philadelphia Eagles Fans

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And the winner is... the Philadelphia Eagles fans, hands down. The fact that there's a substantial list of incidents involving Eagles fans solidifies their top (or bottom) spot on this list. Their history is riddled with instances of rudeness and disrespect. Take, for example, the 1968 incident when a hired Santa Claus was pelted with snowballs by Eagles fans. More recently, during the 2018 NFC Championship, the city of Philadelphia even had to apply grease to electrical poles to deter fans from attempting to climb them.

Why Are Fan Bases Like This?

Fan Identity

When a fan base becomes inseparably linked to their football team, the team's triumphs and failures resonate deeply. The rivalry against the opposing fans becomes their own. The twists and turns of plays, trades, and team politics can trigger unpredictable and sometimes destructive conduct. Amplifying this are thousands of fellow supporters reinforcing this behavior.

Loud and Loyal

For certain fans, it's worth acknowledging that exhibiting wild behavior is a distorted exhibition of loyalty to their beloved team. Many fervent enthusiasts believe that they're showcasing their unwavering commitment by being disruptive.

All About the Alcohol

Ah, alcohol—the great leveler, in a way. Consumed liberally on game days, alcohol has historically fueled some of the most aggressive fan behavior. Under the influence, one’s judgment is impaired, which can be dangerous when coupled with heightened emotions. From verbal altercations to physical confrontations, poor conduct among the rowdiest football fans often correlates with excessive drinking before, during, and after matches.

For The Love Of The Game

A common thread among many of these teams is their consistent success, which paradoxically exacerbates the annoyance factor.


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