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Exploring the Legendary Legacy of Washington DC’s RFK Stadium

August 30, 2023

Triumphant wins and devastating defeats, the Robert Kennedy Memorial Stadium, known to many as the RFK Stadium, has seen them all. The landmark has hosted an impressive list of sporting and entertainment events ranging from iconic football games and superstars strutting their stuff on the playing field to the thousands of fans packing the seats. Join us as we dive into the past six decades of DC’s cultural heritage of a truly remarkable stadium.

Taking a Walk Down Memory Lane

RFK Stadium

Flashback to 1958, the year when the first lease for the “District of Columbia Stadium” was signed by the DC Armory Board and the Department of the Interior, marking the beginnings of what was to become a city symbol. 1960 saw construction commence, equipped with a budget of $24 million; it was clear that this would mark the dawn of an exciting new era for DC’s sports and entertainment sectors. Although the opening of the DC Stadium took place in 1961, the headline-grabbing event came at the stadium’s inaugural match, where the Washington Commanders lost to the New York Giants. President Kennedy attended the first game, cementing the significance of the new stadium in the country, although it didn’t sweeten the pill for the home team, which suffered a 24-21 defeat.

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A Place For All

Despite the devastating home loss, the inauguration game marked the beginning of a rich combination of sports and music. This turned the stadium into a cultural hub hosting big events, giving the stadium a new lease of life and purpose that everyone could share. Football, concerts, and even The Beatles performed in 1966 well and indeed crowned the stadium as a hub for all. Soccer soon took center stage as the Washington Diplomats of the NASL announced the stadium would now be their new home. In 1969, following the tragic assassination of President Kennedy, it was decided that the name of the new stadium could do with a change. Renaming it after the former President was an appropriate gesture to pay to the memory of the former President. The name struck a note with citizens and sports fans worldwide, and the RFK Stadium took on a spirit of both remembrance and celebration.

The 1970s: A Decade of Greatness for the RFK Stadium

RFK Stadium Performances

The 1970s was a phenomenal era that left its mark on the RFK Stadium. A whole host of legendary performances and unforgettable matches stand out among some of the best moments in the stadium’s history. An unforgettable moment was during Independence Day in 1972. The Rolling Stones themselves took to the stage as part of their Stones Touring Party and absolutely wowed the stadium. As the sun set on that momentous day, this multipurpose stadium seemed like it was literally alive with music and the band’s legendary melodies. For all those present, it would be an event that would go down in history as one that captivated the hearts and minds of the audience — something that would serve to deepen the love and affection people felt toward the RFK Stadium. The party didn’t stop there, and the RFK Stadium soon welcomed another band to the football field: the Grateful Dead. Performance after performance, the RFK Stadium soon garnered a reputation for itself both for its sporting legacy and its ability to hold some of the most iconic performances in music history. It’s safe to say that the 1970s was a decade distinguished by cultural and sporting significance and uniting people with what they loved most.

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RFK Stadium: Star Game and Breaking the Left Field Wall

RFK Stadium T-Shirt

Many stadiums reach their high points and slowly but surely disappear into obscurity. The RFK Stadium, however, has gone from strength to strength over the years. In 1982, the Cracker Jack Old Timers inaugural game was marked with a roar of applause and excitement as 75-year-old Hall of Famer Luke Appling hit an incredible 250-foot home run into left field. On top of this, RFK Stadium witnessed another defining moment in its history. The Washington Football Team, led by quarterback Doug Williams, clinched a triumphant victory at the 22nd Super Bowl, marking a turning point in African-American sports history. With this pivotal moment, the RFK echoed its purpose as a multi-purpose stadium, embracing and promoting inclusiveness.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

In 1988, Darrell Green, cornerback of the Washington Commanders, secured victory in the NFC Championship against the Minnesota Vikings with a goal-line pass knockdown. This paved the way for the Washington Football Team's incredible win over the Denver Broncos in the 22nd Super Bowl with a score of 42-10. Not only did the impressive score cause a flurry of media attention, but the team’s victory made history as Doug Williams became the first African-American quarterback to lead his team to their NFL victory.

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RFK Stadium T-Shirt

The next decade started off with a bang. 1992 saw the Washington Commanders hold their own against the Atlanta Falcons. On a rainy afternoon and in less than desirable conditions, the Washington Commanders beat their components 24-7 during the Divisional Round playoffs. It's not surprising that the crowd was absolutely electric at such a win. Funnily enough, the rain wasn't the only thing to shower the football field as fans threw the yellow cushion seats covering the entire field below, adding to the jubilations and celebratory mood.

1993 welcomed yet another exciting sport as the football field was swapped for the boxing ring. This year held such matches as Riddick Bowe Ferguson vs. Jesse Ferguson. In a quick match, the WBA heavyweight champion was able to hold on to his title after he knocked out Ferguson in the second round.

1994 was indeed a great year for soccer fans as the FIFA World Cup came to the USA, with five matches taking place at the RFK Stadium. This was a fantastic moment for home and away fans, and saw the stadium become a symbol of international unity and friendship hosting five of the FIFA World Cup matches.

The 1996 Summer Olympic Games saw the RFK Stadium host nine men’s and women’s first-round soccer games. 1996 was also the year DC United was born, marking Major League Soccer’s expansion to the nation's capital, and made the history books by winning the first “double” in American soccer history. In the same year, a record 65,454 spectators saw the Washington Football Team finish off their RFK Stadium legacy with a victory over fierce arch-rivals, the Dallas Cowboys.

In 1997, the stadium took on another function, a little different from sports and music concerts. A crowd of 40,000 gathered at “Blessings ‘97”. This mass wedding and marriage rededication ceremony was officiated by Reverend Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han Moon. This was a remarkable event in the RFK Stadium’s history.

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A New Century and a Continuing Legacy

Micheal Jackson at RFK Stadium

The millennium marked a new and exciting stage in the RFK Stadium’s history. The building needed a little TLC by now, and redevelopment initiatives were kicked off in earnest. The stadium’s grounds were transformed in keeping with new environmental initiatives to create sustainable spaces and recreational fields. The stadium had already started to slip behind its competitors; nevertheless, launching green initiatives allowed it to build on its champion concepts of bringing people together. The inauguration of the Women’s United Soccer Association in 2001 saw the Washington Freedom steal victory from the Bay Area Cyber Rays 1-0. This win set a fire under the Washington Freedom’s as they went on to win the WUSA championship later that year. Michael Jackson headlined a benefit concert at the RFK Stadium in honor of the victims who tragically lost their lives during the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The Washington Nationals secured a major victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks in front of 45,496 excited spectators, including George W. Bush himself. For those keeping track of the stadium’s rich history, this made George W. Bush the first president since President Nixon to take the ceremonial first pitch. The RFK Stadium proudly marked its 50th anniversary in 2011. Events DC threw a series of celebrations commemorating the stadium’s legacy and contributions to the world of sports entertainment and cementing itself as a landmark in the community.

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As the years went by, the RFK Stadium became a truly enduring symbol woven into the fabric of Washington, DC’s rich cultural heritage. For all those who attended its extensive range of games, concerts, and events, the RFK Stadium will be a sweet reminder as they reminisce about the unforgettable moments experienced on or around the football field. The stadium’s enduring legacy will remain in our hearts as it meets the future. If anything is to be learned from the nature of this building, it is the ability to navigate the most important events and transform into a place that stands true to its ethos of unity.

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