2023 NFL Season

When Does Football Season Start? Guide to the 2023 NFL Season

August 10, 2023

It's the dreaded NFL off-season: the time when Sundays on the couch just don't hit the same. From February to September, football fans count down the days and eagerly anticipate the start of the upcoming season. While others may love the summer, serious NFL fans see it as a time of hardship, for their true love (aka football) is absent!

It may seem like forever but fear not—our long national nightmare is almost over. Football is nearly here once again. The question on everyone's mind now is, "When does the 2023 NFL season start?"

In this article, we'll give you all the info you need to make sure you're seated squarely in your favorite game-time chair with all the requisite snacks in time for kickoff.

2023 NFL Season Start: Super Bowl Champions Host Thursday Night Football Kickoff

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We'll just cut to the chase: the 2023 NFL regular season starts on Thursday, September 7, 2023, in Kansas City. For the season's first game, the reigning Super Bowl champions Kansas City Chiefs will face off against the Detroit Lions. Coverage begins at 7 pm ET, with kickoff slated for 8:20 pm ET.

While the Kansas City Chiefs are a perennial juggernaut, the Detroit Lions should provide an interesting opponent for this Thursday night football matchup. Though they struggled at the start of the 2022 season, the Lions won eight of their final ten games. Although they ultimately did not make the playoffs (due in part to some typical Detroit Lions bad luck), they appear fit to build off their momentum from the end of the year.

"So you're saying I should bet on the Lions to win?" Well, no. Unfortunately for the Lions, the Kansas City Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes at quarterback. And Travis Kelce at tight end. And 4-time Pro Bowler Chris Jones on defense. And let's remember Andy Reid, one of the best head coaches in the league.

The Lions may make it interesting, but our money's on the Kansas City Chiefs to win this one at home in Arrowhead Stadium.

2023 NFL Season Start: Week 1 Schedule

Before you ask—yes, we'll tell you what other games are happening that first glorious week of the regular season. Here's the full breakdown of the Week 1 NFL schedule, including when and where to tune in:

  • Detroit Lions at Kansas City Chiefs | Sept. 7 (8:15 p.m.) | Thursday Night Football NBC
  • Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons | Sept. 10 (1 p.m.) FOX
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Minnesota Vikings | Sept. 10 (1 p.m.) CBS
  • Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns | Sept. 10 (1 p.m.) CBS
  • Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts | Sept. 10 (1 p.m.) FOX
  • San Francisco 49ers at Pittsburgh Steelers | Sept. 10 (1 p.m.) FOX
  • Tennessee Titans at New Orleans Saints | Sept. 10 (1 p.m.) CBS
  • Arizona Cardinals at Washington Commanders | Sept. 10 (1 p.m.) FOX
  • Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens | Sept. 10 (1 p.m.) CBS
  • Philadelphia Eagles at New England Patriots | Sept. 10 (4:25 p.m.) CBS
  • Las Vegas Raiders at Denver Broncos | Sept. 10 (4:25 p.m.) CBS
  • Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Chargers | Sept. 10 (4:25 p.m.) CBS
  • Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks | Sept. 10 (4:25 p.m.) FOX
  • Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears | Sept. 10 (4:25 p.m.) FOX
  • Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants | | Sept. 10 (8:20  p.m.) | Sunday Night Football NBC
  • Buffalo Bills at New York Jets | | Sept. 11 (8:20 p.m.) | Monday Night Football ESPN 

Key Highlights of the 2023 NFL Season

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Every year, the NFL season gives us plenty of storylines and matchups to look forward to—and this year appears to be no exception. While we can't predict who will win the Super Bowl, we can tell you some moments to look forward to this season.

  1. New Stars Emerging: Unlike other pro sports, the NFL is known for its young players often taking center stage in their first season. Watch out for some dynamic rookies like Bijan Robinson to make their mark. Drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the first round, the running back is poised to be a key feature of their offense right from Week 1. Also, check out Bryce Young, the first overall pick likely to make his start at quarterback for the Carolina Panthers.
  2. Division Rivalry Shakeups: Divisional matchups are always fiercely contested, but major personnel changes can shift the balance from year to year. With Aaron Rodgers having departed for the New York Jets, fans of the Chicago Bears hope to see their defeat at the hands of rival Green Bay Packers come to a long-awaited end.
  3. Stars in New Uniforms: As we just mentioned, Aaron Rodgers is set to debut for the New York Jets after spending his entire career with the Packers. Will he put together another MVP-worthy season? Or will his move to the Big Apple have him struggling like Russell Wilson in his first year with the Denver Broncos?
  4. Football Night in... Deutschland?: This year, the NFL announced a five-game slate as part of its NFL International Series. Once again, London, England, will host three games; while Frankfurt, Germany, will host two games for the first time. Here's the complete list of matchups:
    • Oct 1: Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars - Wembley Stadium (UK)
    • Oct 8: Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills - Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (UK)
    • Oct 15: Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans - Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (UK)
    • Nov 5: Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs - Deutsche Bank Park (Germany)
    • Nov 12: Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots - Deutsche Bank Park (Germany)

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