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Ahh, Nevada!… The land of casinos, great ravines, vast deserts, Lake Tahoe, an authentic American experience, bustling nightlife, and a history of coveted sports teams ranging from soccer to football to ice hockey and more.

At Allegiant Goods Co., we couldn't help but be drawn to Nevada's quirks, passion for sport (especially hockey), and endless weekend activities to accommodate everyone's preferences. So, we designed a Nevada vintage collection that shows off the best of 1800 and 1900 Nevada in its prime. Each of the linked Nevada shirts can be purchased directly via the link or from our website in one click, with delivery and shipping included. Discover them all here!

Old Vegas Amusement Park T-Shirt

Nevada's diversity has encouraged travelers worldwide to frequent the state as a holiday destination. Those who visited Nevada in the 1850s might remember the Old Vegas Amusement Park. The park had an old, Western American theme and boasted various amusement rides and a replica of Las Vegas' Old Mormon Fort. Take one more ride on the rollercoaster with our Old Vegas Amusement Park t shirt.

Let's look at what a typical weekend in the 1900s in Nevada would've looked like.

Over the weekend, you would've had the pleasure of seeing some of the best Nevada sporting teams in action at their home ground in the 90s, some of which were at their peak, and what a sight it was to see!

Nevada Vintage Hockey T Shirts

Your Friday afternoon or evening would include heading to the Nevada ice rink to watch a round of pucks flying left and right as the stars of the Las Vegas Thunders ice hockey team nimbly scattered them across the ice. Teams like the Reno Renegades, Las Vegas Wranglers, and the Las Vegas Coyotes were also in attendance. You will find that all of these t shirts are produced as a short sleeve or crew neck, come in more than one color, in both men and women's sizes, are graphic t shirts, and are of good quality. Delivery, shipping, and production time for all our t shirts are two to five business days.

Nevada Soccer Vintage T Shirts

Saturday mornings and afternoons were for the boys (and the gals), where you'd sip beer through funky straw glasses, eat cheesy pepperoni pizza, and attempt to catch the golden snitch of the soccer world if it flew into the stands. Catch it once, and you're a legend forever. Speaking of legends, these guys were top of their league; the Las Vegas Quicksilvers and the Las Vegas Americans.

Nevada Football Vintage T Shirts

On Sunday afternoons and evenings, it would be time for the second ball-related sport of the weekend - football. One, two, three, break! Then dash over to our website's field before touching down and choosing one of our vintage Nevada short sleeve football T shirts for men and women, which feature some of the best footie teams, such as the Las Vegas Stings and Las Vegas Posses.

Death Valley National Park Vintage T Shirts

No weekend in Nevada would be complete without checking out Death Valley National Park, the hottest, driest, and lowest National Park in the United States. The park provides everything but a morose experience, as its name suggests. We've got you 

covered if you didn't get a chance to grab some merch while there. Check out our Death Valley National Park short sleeve t shirt here (one of the best gifts ever).

While we're on the topic of National Parks, it's worth checking out the Great Basin National Park and complementing your next visit with our Great Basin National Park short sleeve t shirt. The Great Basin is the largest area of continuous watersheds with no outlets in North America. Its size spans Las Vegas to the states of California, Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming, and Baja in California, so there's no chance of becoming bored while traversing the landscape.

Our Other Vintage Nevada T Shirts

Suppose you're not into the sporty aspect of the great state of Nevada but still want to pay tribute to the unique state, its attractions, and the memories you made. In that case, our Nevada State t shirts may interest you, such as our classic Las Vegas vintage t shirt, retro Las Vegas t shirt, Vegas by a thousand t shirt, and our Las Vegas Nevada Pride t shirt. Discover them all via the links in one click. All of which come in more than one size. If a mate has a birthday coming up, one of our graphic crew neck shirts will make a good addition to their gifts. That's one less gift idea you don't need to sort out.

We've had a whirlwind of a trip through Las Vegas, Nevada! All that's left for you to do is decide which vintage Nevada t shirts to purchase.