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10 Best Rainy Day Activities in Tampa

July 31, 2023

Ah, Tampa Bay—where the sun is always shining and days are spent by the pool with an ice-cold drink in hand. But what do you do when you find yourself stuck inside instead of toasting your toes under the warm Florida rays because Mother Nature has decided it's a rainy day? Don't fret!

Plenty of fun activities can make your cloudy day as enjoyable as a sunny one. From exploring art galleries to online shopping, here are 10 of the best rainy-day activities for those who live in - or plan to visit - Tampa Bay!

Visit the Tampa Museum of Art

Tampa Museum of Art

You know what they say, "When it rains, it pours," - but don't let the weather put a damper on your day, Tampa Bay has plenty of indoor activities to keep you entertained. One of our top picks for a rainy day activity is a visit to the Tampa Museum of Art.

Not only does the museum boast an impressive collection of art, but its architecture is worth admiring too. The building's sleek and modern design was inspired by the curvilinear form of a seashell, paying tribute to Tampa Bay's coastal roots. It's a true gem in the local art scene that's worth visiting even if it's not raining.

Even if you're not an art aficionado, visiting the Tampa Museum of Art is a great way to spend a rainy day. You may discover a newfound appreciation for the beauty and creativity surrounding us. Plus, it's a great excuse to wear your fanciest rain jacket.

Experience the Florida Aquarium

The Florida Aquarium

Not only does this aquarium showcase a diverse collection of marine life, but it also offers interactive exhibits and attractions that will keep you hooked for hours. With its fascinating marine life, interactive displays, and educational messages, you'll leave not only entertained but with a newfound appreciation for our oceans.

Did we mention that the aquarium is not just fun but educational too? Learn about conservation efforts and the impact we have on our oceans through interactive exhibits and presentations.

So grab your raincoat and head on over - the sea is calling!

Discover the Glazer Children's Museum

Glazer Children's Museum

Forget the boring exhibits where kids can only look and not touch. At the Glazer Children's Museum, hands-on learning experiences are the name of the game. From building their city in the Fire Station exhibit to creating their masterpiece in the Art Smart studio, your little ones won't know where to start.

Let's talk about creativity and imagination stimulation here. With a variety of interactive exhibits, children can take on various roles, such as a firefighter, bankers, and veterinarians. They can even climb aboard a pirate ship or become a mini Whole Foods Market chef. Who knows, maybe your little one will discover their true calling through these activities.

So, don't let the rain ruin your day. Head over to the Glazer Children's Museum and let your kids explore, create, and imagine to their heart's content.

Catch a Tampa Bay Rays Game

Tampa Bay Rays            Tampa Bay By A Thousand T-Shirt                      

Attending a game at Tropicana Field is the perfect way to pass the time on a rainy day. Not only do you get to watch some fantastic baseball action indoors, but you also get to enjoy the energy and excitement of the crowd. Plus, there's nothing quite like the smell of hot dogs and popcorn filling the air.

And, of course, you can't forget about supporting your favorite team with some awesome gear. Pop into the Allegiant Goods Co. team store and snag a Tampa Bay T-shirt to look your best while cheering on the home team.

Explore the Tampa Bay History Center

Tampa Bay History Center

This museum is full of historical artifacts and interactive exhibits that will keep you entertained for hours. But it's not just about the entertainment value, the Tampa Bay History Center is also focused on preserving and celebrating the rich history of the region.

So next time it's raining outside, and you're looking for something to do, head over to the Tampa Bay History Center and immerse yourself in the area's fascinating history. Plus, you'll stay dry, and who doesn't love that?

Enjoy Indoor Shopping at International Plaza

Tampa International Mall

Located in the heart of Tampa, International Plaza is the perfect spot to escape the rain while still indulging in some retail therapy. With over 200 stores and restaurants, there's something for everyone at this luxury shopping destination.

Looking for the hottest fashion trends? Check out stores like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Neiman Marcus. Want to elevate your home decor? Head to Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn. And for all you beauty gurus out there, Sephora, MAC, and Lush are waiting for you.

Visit the Tampa Theatre

Tampa Theater

Built in 1926 as a movie palace, this beauty is not just any theatre but a landmark on the National Register of Historic Places. The architectural beauty of the venue will leave you in awe - from its grand entryway to its intricate ceiling details.

Not only is this theatre historic but it's also known for its lively entertainment. Catch one of the many movies shown during their Classic Movie Series, or even attend a live performance featuring local and national talent.

Try Indoor Skydiving at iFLY Tampa

Tampa IFLY

Why not switch up your rainy day routine and give indoor skydiving a chance? Your inner daredevil will thank you. This thrilling activity will make you feel like you're soaring through the air like a bird without ever jumping out of a plane! How does it work? The iFLY facility is equipped with a vertical wind tunnel that uses powerful fans to simulate the sensation of freefalling through the air. But don't worry. It's completely safe and controlled!

Visitors of all ages and weights can enjoy the experience, with trained instructors to guide them through the process. It's the perfect activity for families, friends, or even solo adventurers looking for a unique and exciting way to spend a rainy day in Tampa Bay.

See a Show at the David A. Straz Jr. Center for the Performing Arts

Tampa Straz Center

The David A. Straz Jr. Center for the Performing Arts is a must-visit spot in Tampa Bay, no matter the time of year! Located in downtown Tampa, this state-of-the-art venue hosts an array of musicals, plays, concerts, and other live performances throughout the year.

You can catch a show at one of their five theaters, including the elegant Morsani Hall, or watch a performance from your home with their streaming service - Straz Live! From Broadway hits to classic ballets, you'll find something for everyone at this venue. Whether you're looking for a unique date night or an unforgettable family outing, the Straz Center will surely make your rainy day memorable.

End with Online Shopping at Allegiant Goods Co.

Tampa Bay T-Shirts

Well, well, well, looks like the rain is pouring outside, but guess what? The shopping game is strong online! And when it comes to brightening up your day with quirky apparel, there's no better place than Allegiant Goods Co. We've curated a fantastic collection of Tampa Bay shirts and sports apparel that will let you proudly represent your favorite teams and cities.

But we don't stop at Tampa Bay. We understand that hometown pride runs deep, which is why we offer shirts and sports apparel for various cities across the country. Whether you're from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or anywhere in between, we have designs that celebrate your city's sports teams and culture.

And the best part? Our shirts aren't just comfortable; they're also made from high-quality materials that will last you through many rainy days to come. So, don't let the dreary weather bring you down today. Instead, head over to our store and treat yourself to some retail therapy guaranteed to make you smile!


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